May 10

Mother’s Day Your Way Contest!

Recently I discovered this amazing website where you can get coupons and find great deals for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, your family needs or wants! From cars, babies, books, and beauty products to clothing, computers, jewelry, and even wedding gowns, NerdWallet has it all. And right now they are hosting a great contest for Mother’s Day . . . . check it out and enter to win some really BIG prizes: 

Overall Grand Prize $1000

Best Craft/DIY $100

Best Purchase $100

Best Experience $100

Best Recipe $100

 HURRY on over to NerdWallet and enter TODAY because the contest closes tomorrow night!

Here’s my entry for one of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts that we made for our Grandma last year . . . . .

We made this Mother’s Day Banner Card, “Keys to Grandma’s Heart,” with some of our scrapbooking paper, FREE alphabet letters, scraps of ribbons, lace, braid, and yarn, and added some vintage buttons. Then, for fun, we added a little key or lock to each of the letter tags! A few other embellishments such as a crochet flower, a couple of tiny accordion-pleated medallions, and some 3-dimensional paper flowers, and we were ready to finish up the project.

The final step for creating this fun Mother’s Day Banner Card was to attach each of the embellished letter tags to a coordinating fabric strip (ribbon works great, too!), complete with loops on each end for hanging. A matching fabric flower was attached to the hanging loops, and there you have it!

A beautiful, personalized banner card for Mom or Grandma. And one of the best things about this project is that it can be folded up and mailed in a regular, padded envelope! Super simple, inexpensive, yet so beautiful! This Mother’s Day Banner Card will be a treasured heirloom that Mom or Grandma will be proud to display all year ’round.

The beautiful letters we used on this banner card are from our dear friend Sheryl at Granny Enchanted . . . . you can find amazing alphabet letters along with TONS more digital designs for embellishing your scrapbook pages or cards – just like our “Keys to Grandma’s Heart” Mother’s Day Banner Card.

And if you would like to make your own Mother’s Day Banner Card like our “Keys to Grandma’s Heart” (of course your banner card could spell out “MOTHER,” or “MAMA,” or “MOM,” or “NANA,” or whatever you want it spell!) you can find the FREE tutorial right here on my blog at mamas*little*treasures!

Please run right over to NerdWallet and enter the Mother’s Day Your Way contest TODAY! Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with other bloggers and maybe win the GRAND PRIZE! I would love to stop by and see your entry for the Mother’s Day Your Way contest!

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