Feb 08

My Thursday Favorite Things . . . . on Saturday

DSCF1593-001If you are the kind of person who always has a To Do list so long that you will NEVER get everything on that list crossed off . . . . then you will understand. If not, there is no amount of explaining that will make you understand what a curse it can sometimes be. I’m sure that I come up with new ideas of things to design, create, sew, write, and discover in my sleep!

This week has been no exception. Since I started working on The Documented Life Project with the weekly writing prompts, it has kept me focused on a theme for a week at a time – but it has also given me more opportunities to find new ideas and that makes my brain stay in overdrive more than usual.

I’ve always like little books with pockets and pictures, envelopes and and cards, and tags with ribbons. And any place I can add a few buttons and ribbons, well, that is even better! Besides painting, cutting, and gluing, I also have found that there are a million ways to sew on paper.

DSCF1588-001A couple of years ago I designed and created some beautiful book marks that had ribbons and fibers stitched all over and then buttons, gems, and charms added, with more ribbons and fibers tied on the end of each book mark. They were so pretty, that I decided to try stitching on paper for other projects.

It can be tricky to stitch on paper because all those tiny holes from the needle will weaken the paper and just a little pressure on it will make it tear . .  ..  but I’ve found a way to get the texture and flexibility that I need to make all kinds of fun designs by stitching on paper.

DSCF1560Here’s  a little trick if you want to give it a try: paint both sides of a piece of card stock with acrylic paint. Put it on thick! I like to use glossy acrylic paint or the metallic and glitter paint, but any kind will do. The goal is to coat both sides of the paper with a textured layer of acrylic and let it dry completely.

When both sides are thoroughly dried, you can add more designs or textures, but the main goal is to get your paper strengthened and flexible with the acrylic. When your paper has serious acrylic paint on both sides (I buy the paint in BIG bottles and it is not very expensive – plus you can find so many gorgeous colors to mix and match!) – you will find that it has the texture and pliability of faux leather fabric. I know, that sounds silly, but it works and it is so fun to work with!

DSCF1545So this was my experiment for this week: the Sunflower Journal Book which has pockets on the inside embellished with ribbon and decorative stitching, along with a few hand made envelopes and note cards, a few tags with ribbons, and a sweet little note book embellished with lace. On the front I have written “Things To Do Today . . . ” This would be perfect to pop in your purse or tote bag with a few stamps so you can jot a note to a friend, and you can sketch or journal in the little note book.

DSCF1548I made the tiny note book by cutting plain school notebook paper the size I needed. Then I folded it in half and put it inside a piece of decorated card stock, also folded in half, and then I stitched it right down the middle. This was great fun! And now I have a few more pieces of my acrylic paper to work with so I’ll be making a few more of these little journal booklets this next week. But for now, it’s back to finish up my Week 6 of The Documented Life Project . . . . and now Week 7 has already started! Guess I better pay attention to what I’m supposed to be doing this week   ;o)

ADLProjectBanner2If you haven’t joined The Documented Life Project yet, won’t you consider joining the fun? This is a great community of artists who are supportive of one another and I’ve learned SO much! To find out more about The Documented Life Project, visit their website HERE and find us on Facebook HERE. Hope to see what you’re working on this week!

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