Oct 13

Pretty Little Pumpkins: Autumn Craft Created with Buttons and Scraps

Three Pumpkins

Since I have been refashioning and embellishing sweaters for a couple of years now to sell in my Etsy shop, these sweet little pumpkins seemed like the perfect project to decorate our home for autumn.

Pumpkin 1Probably the best way to make this kind of craft project would be to use the pumpkins that you can buy at Hobby Lobby or even the Dollar Store, but since we already had a few real pumpkins on our porch that were just the right size, I decided to experiment with them.

Of course, this batch of pretty pumpkins won’t last until next year, but I just had to see if I could use some of the sweater scraps that I’ve got stashed in my sewing room, and there just wasn’t time in my schedule to run into town to Hobby Lobby.

Since there were several shades of orange in my stash, I decided to Pumpkin 2go with the peachy orange solid color sweater, along with a striped sweater fabric in autumn shades, and an ivory fabric with tiny gold flecks. That way I could embellish them all with gold and green wired ribbon, and a little sparkly butterfly that I spray painted gold and sprinkled with gold glitter.

Now that I’ve figured out how to make these Pretty Pumpkins, I just might buy up a bunch of the plastic (or whatever they’re made of) pumpkins at the craft store next time I’m in town and save them for next year.

Pumpkin 3This would be a perfect project to do with kids, because it is so simple, inexpensive, and it’s almost impossible to make a mistake!

These sweet pretty little pumpkins would be perfect on the mantle, as a table top display, or even along the top of your kitchen cupboards if you have a little shelf up there for pretty stuff.


What you need:Supplies

* Several small pumpkins, either real or “pretend” from the local craft store

* Sweater fabric scraps or old sweaters that you can cut up

* Various ribbons and other embellishments including wired ribbon for the stems

* Hot glue gun

Let’s make it!

Step 1Step #1: Choose one small pumpkin and slide it into the sleeve of an old sweater just until the pumpkin is completely covered, leaving the bottom of the pumpkin showing through the opening in the cuff of the sweater sleeve. This will make a flat bottom so your pumpkin will sit straight on a table.


Step #2: Cut off the sweater sleeve just above the stem of the pumpkin.

Step 2Step #3: Wrap wired ribbon around the stem, enclosing the excess sweater fabric. Using the hot glue gun, securely glue the end of the ribbon so that it stays in place. Then place a drop of glue at the top of the pumpkin stem and close up the ribbon.

Step #4: Embellish your pretty little pumpkin with glittery ribbon, vintage buttons, lace, yarn, or charms. For our pretty little pumpkins, we wrapped the stems with gold and green glittery wired ribbon on two of them, and a burlap wired ribbon on the other one.

Step 3Then, we cut the gold and green ribbon into diamond-shaped designs to use as leaves. We tied a length of both ribbons around one of the stems and just bent and shaped the ribbon to resemble leaves. Then, by cutting one length of the green wired ribbon the long way, we were able to wrap the ribbon around a pencil to create winding “tendrils” for one of our pumpkins.

Finally, we added a little fabric and wire butterfly that we had sprayed with gold paint and sprinkled with gold glitter to one of the pumpkins (we bought the butterflies from the Dollar Store, three for $1.00). A vintage button was added to one of the pumpkins for a little old-fashioned charm.

Three PumpkinsWe arranged our three pretty little pumpkins on our mantle on a gold tone silky cloth, with glittered leaves from our front yard scattered all around. Very pretty right next to the candle we made last week with the rest of the leaves! Be watching for more fun craft projects and creative tutorials, right here at mamas*little*treasures www.mamaslittletreasures.com


  1. JoDee Luna

    What a creative idea.

  2. Katherines Corner

    these are so cute! xoxoxo

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