Sep 17

Pumpkin Patch Recipe Round-Up

Fullscreen capture 9172015 120042 PMLately I’ve had a difficult time keeping up with everything that has been demanding my attention. That is not all that unusual for me, but the past few weeks has been even MORE demanding on my time, energy, and attention.

One of the projects that I’ve been working on (actually since April!) has been listing our home for sale, applying for a new mortgage, and finding a new home that is closer to our girls’ schools. We also seriously  needed more space for my sewing / design studio so that I can work more efficiently on those projects.

If you haven’t tried to navigate the murky waters of mortgage / home financing lately, let me tell you – there is a TON of paperwork! Fortunately I’m the kind of person who keeps (usually rather organized, but sometimes not so much), so all of the documents that were requested were here . . . . somewhere in that file drawer over there.

Eventually I was able to produce all of the documentation required (no, I am not going to use the funds to support a terrorist organization, I just need a bigger house for my family and my business), and then, once all those pieces of paper are sorted out, scanned into my computer, saved and labeled, and sent off to the underwriter – OOPS! they forgot to tell me that they also need this document and that document, and proof that we’re honest people who pay our bills. And so on and on and on it went.

Today, I think there is only ONE more document that is needed and I will have that for them tomorrow. I really do have a life and other responsibilities, but since this is important to our family, I guess I better find time to jump through every hoop that is presented.

The other project that I’ve been trying to figure out (at least for the past year, but it all kind of came together . . . . . yep, this summer!) was applying for disability resources for our Annie. With Cerebral Palsy, she is in a general education classroom at our (GREAT) school, but she does receive extra support services. I did not have any idea about disability resources outside of the school until I met another mom whose daughter also has Cerebral Palsy. She told me how to get started searching for resources for our kiddo, and it has taken me this long to figure out how to get through all of those hoops, too. Almost through every single one of them!

In the midst of all that mind-boggling research, time-consuming and brain-numbing activity, I had the opportunity to attend the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers’ Conference in late July. Which was a wonderful experience! But I arrived home, after driving 600 miles each way, unable to move my right arm. It’s getting better but not completely back to normal – so everything else I had to do was even more stressful than usual. But it hasn’t killed me yet, so I carry on.

And now, here it is the middle of September and we finally finished the autumn issue of the Ruby for Women magazine, and this weekend we will begin moving into the new house. I am SO ready to have this project finished up! Looking forward to my new workshop / studio and getting back to work on my creative projects.

Oh, and by the way, I’ve also been working on editing manuscripts for three authors (finished the proofing for a fourth author), and seriously thinking that it is about time I invest a little bit of time on my own writing projects . . . . that’s why I agreed to write a short story (TRUE story, they said) for a publication that features real-life adventures of ordinary people like me. Whew! At least that deadline isn’t until December. Miles to go before I sleep . . . . tonight   ;o)

But for fun, I’m still hanging out with all my dear sweet blogging friends at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop at Katherine’s Corner. Hope you hang out with us this week, too!

First let me share with you a few gorgeous pumpkin recipes I found while doing some research for the autumn issue of Ruby for Women . . . . which you can read on the Ruby for Women blog HERE. When I have a minute to catch my breath (hopefully in my new kitchen!) I want to try some of these yummy recipes. You might want to give them a try too!

Fullscreen capture 9172015 95629 AMYou can find all of the links to these recipes on pages 17 – 18 in the autumn issue of Ruby for Women

 And now . . . . .

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  1. Mary Dolan Flaherty

    Oh my goodness, you have to either get a bigger plate, or take something off! I was growing frantic just reading of all you have to do. So please, let’s talk AFTER some of this has settled down! The whole house/mortgage thing can be daunting and a major stress inducer! I shall pray for you my dear new friend.

    I have to say that this is not a good time for me to give up sugar, which is what I have done in the last month. All of these beautiful pictures of delicious recipes–WITH PUMPKIN NO LESS–it’s all too much! OY! But seriously, I LOVED those recipes in Ruby and I will most likely pin a few of the ones here. yummy!

    Hang in there!

    BTW–this month’s Ruby for Women is BEAUTIFUL! I’ve gotten a lot of wonderful feedback from friends I emailed the link to. :-))

  2. Katherines Corner

    I hope you are feeling better my friend xoxo

  3. All that's Jas

    WOW, you are busy! At least you’re moving into a new home. Congrats! Wishing you calm waters so you can finish all your projects and goals. Thanks for finding time to co-host! Blessings 🙂

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