Oct 27

Pumpkins with Personality

fullscreen-capture-10272016-104200-amCarving a pumpkin was always part of our autumn celebration . . . . but it was getting kind of boring just doing the same old thing, year after year. There were a few years when we tried some different ways to fix up our pumpkins, but it was still the basic orange pumpkin carved up in different ways.

Like the year we made the Cinderella coach with GI Joe guys for the coachmen, Barbie for Cinderella, and plastic horses from a farm set to pull our pretty little creation. Or the year we made Peter Pumpkin Eater’s cottage complete with curtains at the windows, rugs on the floor, and pictures on the walls of our tiny pumpkin palace. And then there was the year we made a ship to resemble Christopher Columbus’s journey to the New World, including ship’s sails and masts from sheets of paper and drinking straws.

So I guess it wouldn’t be true to say that ALL we’ve ever done is boring ol’ orange pumpkins. But this year I really wanted to find some ideas for decorating pumpkins that would be really new and different. So when I started looking (don’t get me started on Pinterest!) I found a few ideas that I think we will try this week. You know, pumpkins are not just for decorating in October – and since we really don’t do a lot for Halloween, I would rather focus on Thanksgiving – it is the perfect time to get creative and make a pumpkin display to celebrate autumn.

Here are a few ideas I found that I think we will try next week. It’s fun to think “outside the box” and in this case “outside the pumpkin” and get really adventurous with our autumn decor!

white-pumpkin-with-blingWhite Painted Pumpkin with Rhinestone Bling

This was the first embellished pumpkin that I came across and I absolutely LOVE it! Although our house isn’t exactly a showcase for this kind of elegance, it would still be fun to paint a few of the small pumpkins and glue on some rhinestone bling. Looks like it would be really easy and pretty spectacular, don’t you think? Found this idea on the Setting for Four blog where you can find lots of other creative inspiration.

green-velvet-pumpkinGreen Velvet Pumpkins

Since I’ve made pumpkins from fabric before, I already knew it was possible . . . but these velvet pumpkins are so beautiful! There were lots of pumpkins out here that were painted in shades of pink and blue, or made from fabrics that remind me of springtime, so these dark green ones seem just perfect for the spirit of autumn. I’m thinking they could be made in shades of golden orange, soft brown, or deep amber – or even dark purple – and make a gorgeous display on our fireplace mantle for Thanksgiving. I found these beautiful designs on the Boost Inspiration blog, and you can find more ideas just by stopping by for a visit.


patchwork-pumpkinsNo-Sew Patchwork Pumpkins

Traditional pumpkin colors but the patchwork design makes these sweet little pumpkins adorable! And since I always love to use up little bits and pieces of fabric scraps, this is just right for us to try. Maybe we’ll make a few this weekend. I found this idea at Crafts n’ Coffee and if you are looking for other seasonal craft ideas, stop by and visit them. It’s a great place to find creative inspiration for any time of the year.

black-and-white-pumpkins Black and White Ribbon Pumpkins

Thoroughly contemporary just in case you aren’t into vintage, traditional, or “old fashioned” decorating ideas. But beautiful in their simplicity, these black and while pumpkins have been painted and then embellished with black and white ribbons. Of course, you could use any color ribbon, but I thought these were so pretty with the black and white contrast, giving a completely new and different twist to the tradition of celebrating autumn. You can find the directions for creating these gorgeous Black and White Ribbon Pumpkins on the Creations by Kara blog. I’m sure you’ll find lots of other great ideas there, too!

sweater-knit-pumpkinsSweater Knit Pumpkins

So, I’ve made pumpkins with upcycled sweaters before, but it is always fun to see how other creatives use similar materials and ideas. These cute pumpkins are adorable in their sweet simplicity and traditional autumn colors. You could get really crazy and use bright purple, or lime green, or even pink or turquoise, but these seem just so cozy and perfect for autumn home decor. Put a basket of these cute little sweater knit pumpkins by the fireplace and cuddle up with a blanket, a book, and a cup of tea. Perfect! More creative inspiration can be found on the Boost Inspiration blog where I found the tutorial for making these Sweater Knit Pumpkins.

vintage-lace-pumpkinVintage Lace Pumpkin

This Vintage Lace Pumpkin is more my style, since I love all things vintage, especially if there is lace involved! But I’m trying to look at other possibilities for creativity, so all of the other pumpkin designs were really intriguing to me. But THIS is a design that I just fell in love with! I’m not sure how they made this one (so I’ll have to follow the tutorial closely the first time around), but just looking at the picture gives me enough inspiration to try my hand at making a few from the leftover scraps of fabric, lace, ribbons, and other trims that I already have out in the studio. Check out this and other creative pumpkin ideas at Tea Green Chandelier.

Well, now if that isn’t enough creative inspiration to keep us all busy, there is always great fun at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop, sponsored by Katherine’s Corner each week. I hope you will join us . . . . I’m going to take a peek at some of the other blog posts and come back soon and share some of the amazing ideas I find out there. You might want to take a look too, because we have some incredibly creative bloggers who participate each week in the hop. Hope to see you there!.


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  1. Kathryn Ross

    Nina! I love these pumpkins!
    I’ve been wanting to do the bling velvet ones for a couple of years, but always get side-tracked to another project. But the sweater ones are very provoking. May take a couple sweaters out of the Salvation Army bag and give that a try!
    Lovin’ my green cardigan from your shop–fits so nice and the fabric is dreamy. Lovely for this time of year.

  2. Sharon

    Thank you so much for including the No-Sew Pumpkins from CraftsnCoffee.com! Wishing you a beautiful fall season!

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