Jun 08

Reading “Between the Lines”

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Social media has a subtle way of causing self-doubt in just about every heart . . . especially the hearts of women. Can’t speak for the men, and perhaps men don’t look at social media the same way that women do and see someone’s latest and greatest adventure, discovery, or creation and think, “Wow, I could never be THAT amazing!” Maybe they do, but I wouldn’t know.

But I do know, based on my own experiences and that of other women, that we tend to compare ourselves to one another in ways that are, at best, not helpful.

Aside from the obvious reality that the Bible warns us not to “covet” that which belongs to another, there is an almost imperceptible taunting in one’s spirit when we feel that we just don’t measure up. Whether it be in possessions, achievements, fame, financial success, beauty, family, home, or garden, how often do we fell like just giving up because we will never be as good as someone else?

Could be that age helps us read “between the lines” with a bit more clarity, or it might be that it takes repeated experiences of perceived “failure” for us to realize that comparing ourselves to others, or trying to be something that we are not, is not only unproductive but it can also lead to discouragement and depression.

While I’m not a professional therapist, I’ve been around long enough to experience this and watch it play out in the lives of younger women – and it is particularly obvious to me in the realm of Christian women striving to be the “one in front.”

Not that there is anything wrong with being the “one in front,” if that’s where God called you to be. But somehow we need to remind ourselves that we are ALL serving our God, whether we are at home washing dishes, folding laundry, and changing diapers, or running the latest and greatest ministry that reaches millions of women for Christ.

Psalm 139

So today, as I contemplate the idea of reading “between the lines,” I want to encourage you to be the best YOU that you can be. Stop reading all those social media posts that have staged photos (of course, if I’m going to post a picture online for the world to see I’m NOT going to take a picture of my house when it is all messed up or me before I comb my  hair in the  morning!) – or at least stop believing that those images of perfection are truth. They are not, no one’s life is perfect, and it’s OK that you are just . . . . YOU!

Take the time to slow down and read “between the lines” of what you see out here in the online world of (much) pretense, recognize it for what it is worth, and discover that you are enough.

You are just who God intended you to be, so whatever you are doing today, celebrate your successes, learn from your failures, and stop believing those whispers of doubt. You know where they come from, so listen to the voice of your loving Father God. He adores you just the way you are!

I’m off to the studio today to finish wrapping up a few projects for this weekend’s Art in the Alley event here in Our Town – and guess what!!!! The laundry is washed but not folded yet, I did make the bed this morning, but the dishes are still in the sink, and the whole house needs to be vacuumed. So what? We’ll get to it later today, but for now it’s time to celebrate the sunshine and the joy of creating lots of fun stuff. Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Debi @ Surroundings by Debi

    What wonderful thoughts Nina. Too often we compare ourselves to others instead of just being ourselves. I am thankful for other Between the Lines bloggers and all they have to offer.

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