Feb 14

Refashioned Treasures

Fullscreen capture 11232015 44305 PMWell, we are home again today with the return of the cough, cold, congestion and sore throat. I am SO ready for spring! It has been so cold around here for the past few days, that getting out of the house requires so much effort, that I’m just not up to it right now. It’s supposed to warm up a bit by Tuesday, but I heard we might get a lot of snow tonight.

Oh, well, I guess we’ll just stay here in our cozy house with the fireplace roaring, have some hot cocoa, and read a good book. Or watch a movie. Or make stuff!


Since I’ve been making all kinds of stuff for so many years, I have a huge stash of leftover fabric, ribbons, lace, buttons, and yarn. What to do with little bits and pieces?

I love to do crazy quilt projects, but some of my teeny tiny scraps are too small even for those projects. That’s when I decided to sort through all that stuff (stashed in zip lock bags in drawers in the design studio) and make something small. That’s when I thought I would try making cuff bracelets.

il_570xN.327645072Now, I don’t wear much jewelry, and as beautiful as some of the handcrafted jewelry is that can be found in lots of little boutique shops, both online and in storefronts, I’ve never really been all that interested in making jewelry. But once I discovered a way to use up some of the lonely buttons and beads in my leftover stash, I’ve had great fun creating these beautiful cuff bracelets.

DSC01514I have a few of my cuff bracelets in my Etsy shop, Tatters to Treasures, along with some other fun stuff that I’ve designed and created . . . . and on this COLD day I think I will play in my design studio for a while and make a bunch more STUFF!


There’s a stash of gray, silver, ivory, and yellow buttons just waiting to be arranged on a strip of light gray brocade that I found yesterday. And a bit of light blue silky fabric that is just the right size to make another bracelet, I’m thinking with buttons and trims all in various shades of blue.

And then, since I sold the red and black BELLA bracelet, I might recreate one in that color combination. Any little scrap of fabric or beautiful buttons or snippets of lace give me new inspiration, so it won’t take long to get the next project under way!

il_570xN.313553333Do you make anything from leftover bits and pieces? I would love to see what you are working on this cold winter day!




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  1. Sally Ann

    Hi Nina,

    I love to create with felted wool from used sweaters. I have just created a couple of potholders using the instructions from Crispina Ffrench’s book Sweater Chop Shop. It is very cold here too, 20 below this morning, and working with the soft, warm wool is nice. I would love to include a picture of one but I am not sure how to do that here.

    Well, I hope you all are feeling better soon. I am so ready for Spring too!

    Sally Ann

    1. Nina

      Good morning Sally Ann – thank you for sharing your creative projects with me. Let me check to see how you could upload a photo so we can see what you are working on. I’m thinking you could post some to FB and I could grab them and share them that way . . . . let’s see what we can figure out! Nina

      1. Sally Ann

        Hi Nina,

        Sounds good. I will go and put some pictures on Facebook right now.

        Sally Ann

  2. Edye

    Feel better soon <3

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

    1. Nina

      Hi Edye – thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. I’m actually feeling much better today but now both of my girls are home and I will be running to the doctor and chiropractor later this morning. Always something! Nina

  3. Sally Ann

    By the way Nina, I forgot to tell you how beautiful I think your cuff bracelets are. Sorry about that. Sounded a little too much one sided on my part.

    1. Nina

      ;o) No worries . . . . I love to hear about what other bloggers / creatives are working on. I’m going to pop on over to your Etsy shop to see what you’ve got listed and share with my readers.

  4. Brenda

    I’m sorry you don’t feel well. I hope you feel better soon. It’s neat that you make things out of scraps. I save my leftover plastic canvas pieces for when I need to make something small – like a nose on a snowman.

    1. Nina

      Hi Brenda – thanks for stopping by and for your words of encouragement. I would love to see some of your creations! I’ll pop on over to your blog and take a peek ;o) Nina

  5. Katherines Corner

    so pretty and creative my friend . loving your trash to treasure xoxo

  6. katherines corner

    I forgot to mention your post will be featured tomorrow xo

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