Jun 10

Size YOU!™ is now available

Gossamer Threads BannerLast week at our Gossamer Threads Summer Launch Party we were discussing ways to describe our new line of women’s clothing.

“What’s different about what WE do from what’s already out there?” I asked.

My design team looked at me kind of like I had lost my mind. After all, if I didn’t know what we were doing, how on earth would THEY know what we were doing?

“Well, I’ve looked online at hundreds of women’s clothing websites and there are already millions upon millions of places you can buy beautiful clothing. Many of these websites offer gorgeous clothing in every size, color, and style imaginable,” I said.

Fullscreen capture 6102015 101158 AM

“So what are WE doing that is different and why should women be interested in OUR clothing?” I asked again.

After a moment of incredulous silence (during which, I’m sure, they thought I had completely lost touch with reality) they began talking all at once:

“Our garments are made for each individual person, not just standard sizes that might fit one part of my body but then I have 17 yards of fabric swirling around the other parts of my body,” exclaimed Christie, my business mentor, coach, and frequent motivator.

“I have always had trouble finding clothing that fits right,” said Jennifer, my creative and design muse. “Our designs are made to fit MY proportions, and that is quite different from anything I’ve ever been able to buy off-the-rack or from an online shop.”

“Our designs are designed to fit ME, they are easy to care for, and I don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion,” mentioned Laura, my ever-practical encourager.

“So, then I guess our garments are made in ‘Size Christie,’ or ‘Size Jennifer,’ or ‘Size Laura,'” I said.

Almost in unison they all chimed in, “Size YOU!™” they exclaimed.

Fullscreen capture 6102015 101030 AM

And so, there you have it. Gossamer Threads Shop designs and creates beautiful, comfortable, high-quality garments that are all in “Size YOU!™. And because each garment is created one at a time, we can invest the time and care required to make our designs uniquely for YOU, with attention to detail, and meticulous finishing of seams, hems, and trims.

Today we have a photo shoot scheduled so that all of garments in our summer 2015 collection will be available on our website as well as in our Etsy shop very soon. In the meantime, here are a few sketches of some of our summer designs.

Button Front Hoodie Color Options SUMMER 2015

And remember, at Gossamer Threads Shop our goal is to discover the beauty in EVERY women, no matter your shape, size, or age and that is why all of our garments come in “Size YOU!™”


  1. SallyAnn

    Love the “Size YOU”. Love the clothing styles too. Good luck Nina, although I don’t think you are going to need luck. This is such a great idea.


    1. Nina

      Thanks so much for your words of encouragement SallyAnn! I love to stay in touch with my blogging friends across the miles. So glad you’ve kept in contact and I look forward to hearing from you again soon! Nina

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