Mar 04

Sneak Peek at My New Life of Leisure

DSCF1715I finally made up my mind. I’ve been spinning so many different plates for the past few years that I can’t keep them from occasionally crashing and smashing on the ground. I’ve got to give up something, but one thing that I won’t give up is my sewing and craft projects. They keep me sane. I think. At least they give me an opportunity to get some of the ideas that are in my brain out into the light of day.

DSCF1708After getting all my blogging stuff cleaned up (deleted a BUNCH of spam comments that landed in my inbox over the summer before I got one of those spam blockers), and making my list of all my passwords, login names, email addresses for my various projects . . . . now I’m working on getting my Etsy shops organized and filled with lots of fun stuff for spring and summer.

DSCF1712In the beginning, when I first started doing online stuff, I would sign up on every social networking site where I thought I could connect with other bloggers or online shopkeepers. I have discovered that many of the places that popped up in response to the popularity of Etsy have now disappeared. But Etsy continues to grow, with potential clients from all around the world. I think that is where I will focus my time and energy!


And, if one blog is fun, then two blogs should be double the fun – right? I’m not thinking that is the case, and so I’m going to focus on this blog and make the other one more of a static website, just in case someone happens by, and wait for another day to see if I have the time to keep that one active.

DSCF1716For now, I want to work on my sewing and refashioning projects, writing my eBook patterns and tutorials, and creating craft projects and tutorials for my blog and for my Etsy shops. That’s it. I’m putting some of those plates back in the kitchen cupboard for a while and see if life becomes a bit quieter and simpler. We’ll see!

DSCF1714Here is a little sneak peek at one of the projects that I am working on for Vintage Mama’s Cottage . . . . . with much more to come! If you like to make seasonal craft projects, be sure to stop back to see what I’m up to in the coming weeks. It’s going to be fun!



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  1. Gloria Doty

    Nina, I understand putting some plates back in the cupboard, but I do hope Ruby for Women isn’t one of them.

    1. Nina

      Hi Gloria – No, I won’t give up Ruby but I am going to just keep the magazine going for now. The blog is too much to keep up with all by myself, so I’ll just post the magazine each time we publish a new issue. I’m working on the spring issue, so be sure to send in your articles if you haven’t already. Amanda is watching for them! Thanks for stopping by, my friend ;o)

  2. SallyAnn

    Hi Nina,

    Sounds like you have things figured out. Hope all goes well for you and I am glad to hear that Ruby For Women Magazine is still going to be published. I wish you good luck with you’re plates. :o)


    1. Nina

      Hi Sally! Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for your encouraging words about my plates ;o) Hope to see you again soon, Nina

  3. Beth Brubaker

    Hi Nina!
    I swear you and I are on the same wavelength! I too have been making some life changes, and have decided to focus on writing and crafting. I just started an Etsy store (one sale so far), and i hope to turn this into extra income to help support my family- even after my book comes out! 🙂

    Crafting makes me happy. It’s soothing after a bad morning with my Asperger son (who just turned 16 and knows EVERYTHING..lol), and let’s the creative juices flow- in fact, I come up with a lot of writing ideas when I craft! My crafts are mainly fabric and paper, but I’m slowly immersing myself in jewelry- made of paper, stones and wire!

    So glad to see you gaining your focus again, and that you’ve put some plates away!

    1. Nina

      Well, my dear friend, haven’t we frequently been on the same page for a few years now??? Did you get my message about your Etsy shop? Let’s talk about our plates soon and see how we can help one another stay focused! NIna

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