Dec 28

“Sparkling Snowglobe” Tutorial

Winter is a beautiful season! If you are looking for a fun project to do on a snowy day, why not try making your own Sparkling Snowglobes? Crafts are always a great way to bring joy to our life, and many craft ideas are easy enough that we can include our kids or grandkids in all of the fun. At our house, we have lots of projects going most of the time, from scrapbooks to art journals, sewing and quilting, drawing and painting, and turning something old into something new.

Some of the best inspiration for craft projects can be found right in your own home, neighborhood, community, or back yard. Celebrate the arrival of snow with a few sparkly and shimmering decorations that reflect the beauty of winter.

Snowflakes, mittens, ice skates, sleds, and trees adorned with glistening snow make ideal themes for winter craft projects.  So whether you like to make quilts, scrapbooks, wall hangings, home décor items, or any other type of craft, winter is the perfect time to try your hand at another project to brighten up your world on a snowy day.

If you would like to make your own Sparkling Snowglobes, please click HERE for the FREE tutorial.

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  1. Linda

    I have tried numerous times to ‘click here’ to get the tutorial on your adorable Sparkling Snowglobes and have not been able to get to the tutorial. Would you be so kind as to email me the tutorial? Thank you very much.

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