Apr 23

Springtime Inspiration for Tuesday: Window Boxes

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This is what my window boxes looked like in the house we lived in before we moved here to Indiana.  We had a blue Victorian two-story house with white trim, black shutters, and white window boxes. Every spring we would fill the boxes all around the house with red and white impatiens, a few trailing ivy vines (or other vines that would droop gracefully over the sides of the window boxes), some blue lobelia, and a few of those plants with the dark red leaves. I can’t remember the name of that plant right now, but I know it when I see it!

We had a lot of shade so the impatiens grew the best, along with the hosta plants that filled the perennial gardens all around the house. With a few hanging baskets, with more red and white impatiens and blue lobelia, our house was really quite festive every summer.

Since we moved out here by the lake, with our woods in the back of our house, we really have not been able to do too much to fix up the yard. I had a small garden two summers ago, but last year we had such a hot, dry summer that I really didn’t get a chance to get things planted before it just was so hot we couldn’t work outside. And then the summer-long drought was a challenge for those of us who like to plant flowers and a few vegetables in our little kitchen garden – but it was really difficult for the farmers who watched and waited for the rain that never arrived. We watched, too, as the corn fields all around us began to turn brown and all of the plants shriveled up and dropped their leaves. It was a very difficult summer, last year, here in farm country.

This year I am very hopeful! We put up a few window boxes last year and I’m looking for a few more free-standing window boxes that I can put below the windows on the front of our house. I don’t want to try to hang the boxes on the outside of the house, because they are so heavy. And then I want to paint our little front porch / deck white, and set out a black wrought iron table and chairs. A large planter with bright red geraniums or petunias (that side of the house gets enough sun, I think), and a hanging basket of red and white petunias should really make our house beautiful!

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We are also hoping to finish up the back deck area with more patio blocks and a fire pit; a couple of raised beds in the garden corner; another perennial garden beside the back deck; and a charming rustic garden bench that I found online. If I fill that garden bench with planters of all sizes filled with red and white flowers, it will be quite lovely on our back deck.

Oh, and one more thing I hope to get started this year – again . . . . an herb garden. We have a corner where we get lots of sunlight for several hours a day, where I plant the tomatoes, peppers, beans, and zucchini, and I would like to make one of the raised beds just for herbs. Even if I don’t get to dry them and use them in the winter (which is the goal, of course!), I love to watch them grow and they smell so wonderful! I’ll post pictures as we go along so you can see our progress.

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What do you have planned for your garden this year? I would love to see pictures of your creative yard projects.

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