Nov 14

Stir, Stitch, and Straighten Up: Rainy Day Project

It is raining here today, but it is warm, so I have the overhead fan going and the doors are open. Kind of strange for November, but at least it isn’t snowing, so I’m going to be grateful for a little autumn rain. Besides that, I love rainy days, because it just seems like I get so much accomplished! I don’t know why that is, but I’ve always felt energetic and motivated on a cloudy, gray, rainy day.

So here we are . . . . and I’m working on about a million projects (it’s that brain that is always in overload!), but one of the projects that I’ve been kind of puttering away at is getting our file drawers emptied out, sorted, and organized. One of the problems that comes along if you don’t get your files organized and emptied out occasionally is that all of the new papers that come into your house (and I know that I’m not the only one who is “paper weary” from all the millions of papers that find their way to my kitchen table!) don’t have a place to land. So what happens to many of us is that the new papers end up in piles because there is no place else to put them.

Today is the day! The way I started this project was to buy a couple of portable file boxes, some hanging files, and a box of file folders. That way I have a place to put the files as I am sorting them. Then I unloaded ALL of the files from one drawer of our file cabinet. We actually have two, two-drawer file cabinets, but I just started with one. Too many things piling up around me and I get a bit claustrophobic!

Then, as I sorted through each of the old files, I could throw out (or shred) the stuff we no longer need to keep: old receipts and bills (but keep the tax stuff, I think, for seven years), out-dated documents of every kind, brochures for events that have long since passed, and everything that is just no longer needed or relevant to our life today. That took a while, but it was rather easy to go through this sorting process with the portable file box right there to put in all of the stuff that we need to keep.

Then, we pulled out the shredder and the girls had great fun shredding all of the stuff that has identifying information on it. Identity theft is a definite reality these days, so I always try to shred anything with our personal information on it. Once all the “junk” was tossed or shredded, then I was able to create a few new file folders for the current stuff that has been piling up on the kitchen counter.

The other benefit of getting the files sorted and organized is that it helps me when I have time to work on the scrapbooks. I keep all of the girls pictures, school papers, adoption documents, and any other memorabilia in a separate portable file box so I can just open it up right there beside me when I want to work on the next couple of pages for the scrapbook.

Being organized takes time, but in reality it actually SAVES us a bunch of time! How many times I’ve been shuffling through a pile of papers trying to find something from last week that hasn’t been filed yet! “It’s right here in this pile somewhere, I know it is!” That’s not my favorite way to spend my time, digging through piles and piles of papers. Once I get the files all sorted and organized, several things will be accomplished:

1. I will have fewer papers cluttering up my file drawers.

2. I will have a place for the new papers that come into the house every day.

3. Many of the documents and receipts that we will need when it comes time to file our taxes will already be in one place, organized, and ready to pull out and take to the accountant.

4. I will spend way less time digging through piles of papers for the field trip permission slip, the reading record for the 5th grade, or the insurance paperwork that needs my attention.

Life is so much less stressful when I get things organized! If you haven’t tried it yet, it really does make your days so much more peaceful. Later today I want to finish my series on “Seven Days to Cut Through the Clutter and Catch Your Breath.” Be watching for it if you are looking for some home-organization ideas! Have a great Monday, and give yourself the joy of being organized. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it ;o)

If you would like to participate in “Stir, Stitch, and Straighten Up,” please visit “Not Your Ordinary Recipes” and link up. And if you are late to the party this week, as I am  ;o)  stop by next Sunday and share your home organization tips, new recipes, or other posts about home making. See you there!

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  1. Ricki Jill Treleaven

    Ugh! I need to straighten up! I do not blame you about the shredding. We have had our ID stolen…what a flipping nightmare!

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