Oct 30

Stir, Stitch, and Straighten Up Sunday: In My Sewing Studio

Lots of projects going on around here the past couple of weeks, including a new granddaughter and a family birthday party for our 9-year-old Annie. Yesterday we reorganized the girls’ bedroom and got everything ready so we can paint it. Now that’s a HUGE job, which you know if you have children in your house ;o) Somehow little girls accumulate piles and piles of “little junk” in totebags, purses, bags, boxes, baskets, and in every corner of their room. We do pretty good at keeping things dusted and vacuumed on a somewhat regular basis, but all of that JUNK somehow still finds its way into the back of the closet and under the bed.

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while, even some of you since before I moved over here to WordPress, might recall that we live in rural northern Indiana, in the midst of cornfields, woods, and lakes. The farmers have been working ’round the clock lately; I heard one of their huge tractors drive by in the middle of the night recently! Our house is rather small, but we do have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, so I always remind my girls that this house is WAY bigger and much nicer than the house I grew up in. It might be small and humble, but it is OURS and for that I am grateful. Especially these days when so many families are struggling to keep their home, we have just barely managed to keep from losing our little home over the past two years.

I’ll post pictures of the bedroom when it is finished! The girls think they want zebra stripes with bright pink and purple (of course, they are little girls!) so I’m thinking perhaps a light pink or purple paint and then accessorize as we are able. We’ll see what we can do, and I’ll share the project as we go along. In the meantime, I did have some time to work out in my sewing studio recently, so for Stir, Stitch, and Staighten up, I thought it would be fun to post a few pictures of a few of my more recent creations.

I’ve had great fun with all of the refashioning projects I’ve been working on this fall! I’ve sold a few of the sweaters that I created from cutting up sweaters and tops and even tweed skirts, and putting them back together in a brand-new design. Before I did that kind of project, however, I created lots of other stuff, such as embellished shoes (especially wedding shoes, corsets, and handbags), jackets, sweaters, handbags, dresses, and tops. I have been surprised that people will actually buy my creations, but since it is so much fun to make them, I’m glad I can sell a few of them so that they don’t just hang around my studio forever ;o)

This coming week, I am hopeful that we can get the bedroom finished for the girls, and then I would like to get back out to the sewing studio and create a couple more sweater coats. I have a gorgeous dark pink sweater and a pink and brown tweed skirt that I can cut up to use for ruffles . . . or something! I also found a beautiful brown sweater with beading that I am thinking I can make into something spectacular.

Oh, and besides all of these creative projects, I have to finish up the November issue of the Ruby for Women magazine (will be finished tomorrow) AND I finally am getting back to the scrapbook for Annie that I need to get caught up. So many creative projects, but creativity is the best therapy for whatever ails you! Try it, you’ll discover what a gift and blessing it is to take a bit of time from the everyday responsibilities, busyness, and stress just to relax and focus on something crafty and creative. Be back next week for Stir, Stitch, and Straighten up Sunday with pictures of the girls’ pretty new bedroom. See you then! Have a blessed Sunday, Nina


  1. Kristl Story

    Visiting from Stir, Stitch & Straighten! Your creations are amazing & full of detail! pinned & stumbled.

  2. Judy Haughton-James

    Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter and happy Belated birthday greetings to Annie. You are very creative. Creating things can be very therapeutic. Take care and have a good week.

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