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Suddenly September

straw-bales-1555950_1920It’s September. So why is it still so HOT around here? I’m certainly not ready for six feet of snow, 20 degree temperatures, icy roads, and blizzards . . . . but a lovely, sunny, cool autumn day would really be welcome right about now. This heat and humidity make everything so miserable. Just walking out to the car to do my daily running from one end of the county to the other with my girls is a adventure. It’s hard to breathe when the air is so filled with humidity that you feel like you will drown if you take a deep breath. And that’s just the beginning. Sinus headaches and general lethargy consume my energy whenever I have to leave our air conditioned house. Makes me wonder how we all survived before air conditioning!

I’m am looking forward to a few weeks of cooler weather, with brightly colored leaves drifting down from the leaves all around our house, football games on Friday nights, and a bonfire on the deck on the weekends. All around us we see signs of the changing seasons, especially noticeable out here in the country where there are farms sprawling across the horizon every direction I look. The farmers’ tractors often work late into the night (and that goes on into November around here!), the lightning bugs shine in the evening sky, and the crickets and frogs fill the night with their loud, raucous croaking and chirping.

tomatoes-1449243_1920Across the bright blue morning sky, among the puffy gray and white clouds that drift by, the geese are honking, announcing their departure for warmer locations. Warmer? Obviously they know something I don’t know, because it is still plenty “warm” around these parts. But I know it won’t be long before the days turn chilly, the mornings are filled with dew, then fog, then frost. But for a few weeks, I hope, we can go for more bike rides, walk around the neighborhood, roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire pit, and just enjoy being outside. For now, however, it is still WAY too hot!

zucchini-1227470_1920The tomatoes are suddenly ready. Way more than we can eat, although we love them fresh picked from our little garden. Zucchini – well, I guess it is time to find a few new recipes that can use up bushel baskets filled with that prolific vegetable. My greatest regret this time of year is that I just can’t figure out what to do with all that fresh produce fast enough! So, even though gardening is something that I love to do, I feel quite sad when I am running out the door on my way to a volleyball game, or to piano lessons, or to physical therapy, or to the dentist, or to the orthopedic dr. appointments . . . . when I really should be running out to the garden and running back into the kitchen to do something with all that beautiful, fresh food that is just sitting there waiting for me to do something. Maybe I should reconsider gardening in the future!

Do you have any good recipes for all those tomatoes and zucchini that are so plentiful this time of year? I looking for some ideas so don’t hesitate to leave me a comment with your ideas. Hope you are enjoying September, too!


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  1. Katherines Corner

    I’m waiting not so patiently for cooler weather too.
    Sending you happy weekend hugs! xo

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