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Summer in the real world

Fullscreen capture 5302016 73223 PMIt’s finally summer! This past weekend we had a bit of a family reunion . . . . of course, when a family has ten children and 29 grandchildren, it is rather challenging to think that you would ever have all of them together at the same time, so I’ll settle for a couple kids and their kids, a brother and sister-in-law and their kids and their kids. It was fun! But it has taken me until Thursday to recover from all that fun!

The weather was gorgeous, not too hot and not too cold. A gentle breeze kept the bugs at bay most of the afternoon as we gathered on the front lawn, chatting and laughing, with the guitar being passed around as the family musicians added their songs to the party.

The kids rode bikes and drew pictures on the driveway with sidewalk chalk; the youngest little guy sat at the picnic table racing his tiny motorcycle off the edge and onto the grass while exclaiming, “Flying!” I guess I got that started when he did it the first time. As it landed on the ground I said to him,”Wow, you’ve really got that thing flying!” And then I picked it up and put it back on the table for him.

Of course, that was just the beginning . . . . he would race it off the edge of the table, giggling and announcing, “Flying!” and watch in with great anticipation as I picked it up and put it back on the table again. And again. And again. Two-year-olds seem to love that kind of repetition, and he seemed to have great fun repeating his new word for the day, “flying!”

Pink lemonade

There were dogs everywhere, too. Since we are not a dog family, we were a bit overwhelmed with the number of kids and dogs all tumbling over one another, barking, giggling, and chasing after whatever darted out in front at the minute. There was lemonade and iced tea, potato salad, and barbecued ribs on the grill.

And there were bubbles. Bubbles everywhere! We got a HUGE bottle of blowing bubble stuff and several different bubble blowers (is that what they are called?) that made a bunch of different sizes and shapes of bubbles. Kept them entranced for quite some time, but they were all rather slippery afterward. Get out the hose and wash ’em down!

We made a Spiderman hood for our 11-year-old grandson (a red tank top worked just great for that project!), all of the little girls played with the Littlest Pet Shop, one kid tried to take the BIG dog for a walk (“tried” is the important word here), and an afternoon stroll by the lovely pond across from our house was the perfect opportunity to take some photos to remember this day.

Sometimes we see images of perfectly peaceful summer picnics, or peaceful scenes of summer bliss with the sun gently caressing the grass and a delicate breeze ruffling the pages of a book. It reminds me of those images I’ve seen recently that show “What I thought parenting would look like . . . . ” (insert image of Mary Poppins joyfully reading a bedtime story to the children) and then just below that image, a picture of a Barbarian fighting off raging dinosaurs with fangs flashing and smoke billowing out of their nostrils, and the caption, “This is what it REALLY looks like!”

Blue and yellow summer still lifeSummer is a delightful time of year. Family gatherings are a wonderful, joy-filled event. But when you throw in the buzzing insects, the dirt, sand, sun, and mud, it becomes apparent that summer fun is not always about having the perfectly staged, peaceful, blissful, totally tidy and wistfully wonderful day. As nice as that all looks, and as wonderful as it would be to experience that some day (I think, since I never have, but I’m just imagining that might be nice) . . . . the joy of children’s laughter; the blessing of watching a little guy fling his motorcycle off the side of a table and announce, “Flying!” every 10 or 15 seconds; the treasure of seeing the excitement in our little bit bigger Spiderman shooting out his imaginary web; watching our girls ride the bikes up and down the driveway (and taking a tumble occasionally) . . . . all of that is crazy, loud, messy, and goofy.

Little girl blowing bubblesBut THAT is what summer is all about around here.

Someday I might have the opportunity to sit in a lovely flower-print chair in a pasture with dew drops glistening on grass waving gently in the breeze. I’ll be wearing my straw hat with a pink rose on the brim, and a delicate pink blanket across my knees just in case the breeze turns into a raging gale. There will be a beautiful bouquet of fresh picked flowers nestled in a vase by my side, and I’ll be reading a book of poetry. If I’m truly fortunate there will be a small table by my side, covered with a calico tablecloth and a frosty pitcher of lemonade just ready to drink on this perfect day. But I’m not waiting for THAT to happen!

Summer in the real world is so much more than that, but I do love those pictures of peaceful summer serenity. In my dreams! Today, however, I’m working at home and hoping to have some time to join the Favorite Things Blog Hop. Would love to have you join us . . . . unless you are preoccupied with your floral chair in a pasture, drinking ice cold lemonade. In that case, I won’t disturb you.    ;o)


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  1. Kathryn Ross

    Hi NIna!
    You summertime joys in late spring blesses my heart. You weave a picture of innocence and beauty in simple joys as you reflect on your family reunion. I force myself to look for these moments and herald them as more worthy to celebrate and write about rather than the burden of angst that has enveloped our broken society. Hoping to have such joys when I visit my grandkids this month!!

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