Jun 23

Summer Rain

storm-730472_1920One of my favorite songs is “Flyover States,” by Jason Aldean. It becomes especially meaningful to me when I think about the real differences between life out here in one of those “Flyover States,” and life in the Big City. Any Big City.

Sometimes it seems as if we don’t even speak the same language anymore, and that we have fewer and fewer shared values. Which is not to say our rural ways of life are better, it is just that we seem to be moving farther and farther apart in our perspectives on life.

Last night, after a long day in the Big City for doctor appointments, we came home to Our Town where there is the annual summer festival, which fills up Main Street for three or four blocks for one week every June. Fittingly entitled, “Old Settler’s Days, ” we celebrate the heritage and history of a small northern Indiana town which was founded as a farming community.

Every direction you drive from Our Town you will have the joy of watching, all summer long, the growth of corn stalks rising from the fertile earth, taller and taller each week until the autumn harvest when we then watch the tractors and farmers working late into the night harvesting their crops. Except for the summer when we had a drought, and then we watched helplessly as, week after week, those tall green corn stalks shriveled up and became brittle brown husks.

field-644440_1920Living out here in one of the “Flyover States” is a privilege that I treasure. So after an evening of strolling through our little Main Street festival, watching My Kid ride some of the wild and crazy rides that come with summer festivals and eating the best junk food we’ll have all year . . . . in the heat and humidity, the noise and the bustle of people laughing, vendors calling out to everyone who walked by . . . . we came home exhausted but joyful for the shared experience with our community.

But later last night we were watching the skies to the west and listening to the weather reports on our local radio and TV stations, as we had been warned all day (actually for a couple of days in advance) that there were BIG storms headed our way on Wednesday afternoon and evening. All day we were anticipating thunder and lightening, rain and winds, and even the possibility of hail and tornadoes. But the sun kept shining and the humidity kept rising.

By bedtime it was looking pretty dark in the west and the clouds seemed to be piling up on top of one another in ominous gloom – but it wasn’t until almost 10:00 p.m. that it actually started raining. So we watched and listened, the thunder and lightening splitting the nighttime sky with shorter and shorter intervals of silence and darkness. It was beginning to appear that the worst of the Big Storm was heading south of Our Town. So we decided to tuck everyone in and try to sleep. But we kept our weather monitor tuned in just in case there was an alert. We didn’t want to be awakened to a tornado lifting the roof off of our house!

clouds-194840_640At 12:30 a.m. the alarm sounded. Tornado warning for our county. The wind howled, the branches were dancing in the light of the lightning as it flashed across the sky, and the rain beat down. It sounded as if there was hail bouncing off the pavement of our driveway and  sidewalk. We watched the sky, we watched the weather report on TV and we scrolled through all of the FB updates flying back and forth.

Just as it seemed that we might need to shelter from the potential of a funnel cloud rotating through the countryside, we heard on the news that the storm was breaking up, no more funnel clouds had been sighted, and the rain was slowing down as it moved south and east of us. And then, it was just a bit more rain on a summer night. The thunder drifted farther and farther off in the distance, the lightning crackled less and less frequently as we watched it move along from our neighborhood.

field-936444_1920It was just a gentle summer rain, which we all need here in the eastern corn belt. Farm country, truly, and one of those mysterious “Flyover States.” I love summer rain, but I don’t love violent thunder storms and the possibility of a tornado. That is scary and nerve wracking.

It reminded me of our everyday lives. Sometimes our days are filled with gentle, nourishing rain and then the sun comes out to give life and beauty to the whole world. Occasionally we find ourselves in the midst of a storm, and it can be scary. But sooner or later, even after massive devastation in our life, our home, or our heart, the sun eventually comes out again. Today I am grateful for the summer rain, and I’m grateful when the sun comes back. I try to keep it all in perspective.


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  1. Edye

    I like that song too! Small towns are such a treasure. It’s a great place to go and escape from the bust city life 🙂

    Edye | http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

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