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Oct 19

A Time-Out for Mom

Last week my girls had two days off of school – Thursday and Friday – and then I had to be at the Textile Art Alliance Boutique Exhibit and Fashion Show on Sunday. So it just seemed like a good idea for the whole family to take a few days to get away for some …

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May 19

Favorite Things: Art in the Alley

If you live in a small town, or if you have EVER lived in a small town, you will understand . . . . it can be challenging trying to get anything “new” organized and running. And it is even more difficult to keep something rolling along, even after the initial efforts to get it …

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Jan 18

My Love Affair . . . .

My love affair with books began when I was just a little girl. In our home, we didn’t have books. I don’t remember if that just wasn’t something that was important to my family, or if we couldn’t afford to buy books, but we didn’t have books. But I loved books and I could get …

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Jan 13

A reconsideration of “messy”

Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing or perhaps it just IS . . . . some people are naturally tidy and others are naturally rather – ummmmm – messy. That’s just the way God made people, so there’s no point in trying to decide which one is right and which one …

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Jan 11

Just something about glitter

There really is something about glitter that captivates me! It could be that I can sprinkle it all over anything and everything, and it gets all over my clothes and the carpeting and my socks . . . . and then my whole world sparkles. Or it might be my way of showing the world …

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Mar 18

The Fun of Spinning Plates

Even though I have decided to take a break from running around trying to keep a hundred plates spinning every day, I simply cannot give up the ones that are fun! I’ve been focused on a couple of other projects the past couple of weeks, and made great progress, but I missed “playing” in my …

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Mar 14

Another invitation to spring: Hurry UP!

Two more snow days – it is not that staying at home is a problem . . . in fact, if I could get away with it, I would stay home all the time and work on my projects. But that is not how the real world works, so I do need to get out …

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Mar 13

Thursday Favorite Things: Getting Stuff Done!

Snowed in . . . . again. I’m trying to be as positive as I can, even though this is really quite enough of winter! Looking for the silver lining to all these snow clouds is challenging at best, and downright frustrating most of the time. Not only did we get another 6″ of snow …

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Mar 10

Is it spring yet?

I heard on the weather report that we might be getting another snow storm in the middle of this coming week. But I’m done with all this snow! It is time for spring, and so I decided to do my part to encourage spring to hurry up and arrive. In addition to getting my little …

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Mar 04

Day 2 of My New Life of Leisure

But what does that really mean??? Well, in this house it DOES NOT mean hanging out in my jammies (unless I can get away with it!) until noon, wandering around wondering what I’m going to have for supper. But it DOES mean that by putting a few projects back in the cupboard for a while, …

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Mar 04

Sneak Peek at My New Life of Leisure

I finally made up my mind. I’ve been spinning so many different plates for the past few years that I can’t keep them from occasionally crashing and smashing on the ground. I’ve got to give up something, but one thing that I won’t give up is my sewing and craft projects. They keep me sane. …

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Mar 01

Another step in the right direction

Today I started a list of all of the online places where I have landed over the past couple of years. I don’t know about you, but I have this little Etsy shop attached to that particular email address; and I have that other account attached to a different email address; and then some other …

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