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Oct 05

A moment in time

This has been a difficult week around here. On Monday we learned that one of the students at our middle school passed away on Sunday night. He was a classmate of one of our daughters, and since we live in a rural, farming community it seems that everyone knows everyone else. Or at least knows …

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Jun 08

Reading “Between the Lines”

Social media has a subtle way of causing self-doubt in just about every heart . . . especially the hearts of women. Can’t speak for the men, and perhaps men don’t look at social media the same way that women do and see someone’s latest and greatest adventure, discovery, or creation and think, “Wow, I …

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Mar 02

It’s the REAL thing!

That’s what the nurse at our doctor’s office told me last week when I brought Gracie in with a 101.4 temperature. After checking all of her symptoms, which included headache, fever and chills, and all-over body aches, the nurse informed me that this was the “real” influenza. Real or not, we’ve been passing it back …

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Jan 06

A year for letting go

When the movie “Frozen” came out, both of our girls were old enough that they did not seem to have a fascination for that sweet story. It might be partly a result of every other little girl in Our Town singing “Let it Go” at the top of her voice (and frequently off key), so …

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Dec 30

It’s that time of year again

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? If you do, and you are actually able to make progress with yours, I’m impressed. It has never worked for me, probably because I am such an eternal optimist and idealist (and still think I’m Wonder Woman!) that I have always set my goals much higher than I will …

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Mar 04

Life Lessons from a Quilt

Yesterday it was ice. On everything. I was afraid that it might snap the power lines and then we couldn’t get anything accomplished. No laundry, no sewing, no vacuuming, no sewing, no computer work, no sewing, no cooking, no nothing! Fortunately, even though we had to stay inside all day because of the ice, at …

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Jul 14

Broken Stuff

The past few weeks I’ve been pretty focused on stuff . . . . too much stuff, old stuff, worthless stuff, in-the-way stuff, and piles of who-knows-what-it-is stuff. Dresser drawers, closets, cupboards, baskets, buckets, and tote bags overflowing with stuff. That’s what happens when a mama isn’t looking and the kids are supposed to be …

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Jul 08

What’s wrong with you???

What’s wrong with YOU? What’s wrong with ME? Well, I admit that I’m frequently in brain overload, wandering around muttering to myself trying to remember all of the things that I said I would do. Or all of the things that pop, uninvited, into my brain at all hours of the day and night. And …

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Jul 01

Waiting for Grace

And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you. Ephesians 4:32 Once upon a time, I was waiting to welcome Grace. And grace. Either way, in my life, Grace has been a gift of God’s grace and her presence always reminds me that even …

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Jun 27

Today the kitchen sink . . . . tomorrow the world!

It is amazing to me how much I can actually accomplish in an (uninterrupted) hour! Even though we are in the midst of summer activities – recently completed a week of VBS, then a week of camp for the youth group, hair cuts, swimming, volleyball practice, summer festivals, piano lessons, and on and on it …

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Jun 25

Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party

Tweet #wakeupwednesdaylinky      Welcome to the 22nd week of Wake Up Wednesday “Linky” 30 Blogs  –  1 Party &   Giveaway We are so excited to have you all party with us. Thank you so much to all those who participate in our party. Last week we had  320 awesome linkups!       Wake Up and be happy, …

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Jun 24

Lesson learned from a cottonwood tree

They really seem quite harmless. Most of the time. During the summer the strong, sturdy trunk of the cottonwood tree out our back door stands majestically on the edge of the woods. Because it is so big, we’ve had moments when the wind comes whipping across the lake and we wondered if it might topple …

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