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Oct 19

A Time-Out for Mom

Last week my girls had two days off of school – Thursday and Friday – and then I had to be at the Textile Art Alliance Boutique Exhibit and Fashion Show on Sunday. So it just seemed like a good idea for the whole family to take a few days to get away for some …

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Jun 23

Summer Rain

One of my favorite songs is “Flyover States,” by Jason Aldean. It becomes especially meaningful to me when I think about the real differences between life out here in one of those “Flyover States,” and life in the Big City. Any Big City. Sometimes it seems as if we don’t even speak the same language …

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Jun 16

Father’s Day DIY Banner Card Tutorial

You still have time to make this beautiful banner card for Father’s Day with the FREE tutorial here at Vintage Mama’s Cottage! We had so much fun making this card with bits and pieces of scrap book paper, ribbons and rick-rack, vintage buttons and other miscellaneous ephemera we had out in the studio. Father’s Day …

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Jun 02

Summer in the real world

It’s finally summer! This past weekend we had a bit of a family reunion . . . . of course, when a family has ten children and 29 grandchildren, it is rather challenging to think that you would ever have all of them together at the same time, so I’ll settle for a couple kids …

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Apr 28

The Clothes Thief

This is no new information – kids are kids, and kids are messy. That’s all. Well, that’s all there is to the reality that kids ARE messy, loud, and high maintenance. So why do we have kids, anyway? Because some of us believe there is great value in family life, and that frequently includes kids. …

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Mar 02

It’s the REAL thing!

That’s what the nurse at our doctor’s office told me last week when I brought Gracie in with a 101.4 temperature. After checking all of her symptoms, which included headache, fever and chills, and all-over body aches, the nurse informed me that this was the “real” influenza. Real or not, we’ve been passing it back …

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Oct 07

And for an encore . . . . .

Here’s a post that I actually wrote two weeks ago for the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop . . . . and then I got interrupted by our move, so I am now finally getting back to this adventure. Although this happened over two weeks ago, it is still pretty relevant in terms of describing …

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Aug 26

Endings and Beginnings

One way of looking at life is the “glass half-full or glass half-empty” theory. Which is it? It depends on the “half” that becomes the focus of your investigation. Life is much the same, so that when we focus on what we have left, we realize all of the blessings that God has brought into …

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Aug 21

Don’t look now . . . .

Life has a way of getting our attention when we least expect it. Sometimes I think God is smiling down on all of us as we bustle about our days, making our plans, and setting our schedules to accommodate our goals. Because the one thing we often forget is that we are (really and truly) …

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Jul 15

“Give a Girl a Pair of Shoes”

  When I found this quote, and especially with this image, it reminded me of all that I have to be grateful for in my life. It reminded me of traveling to China the second time to bring Annie home, and how she has had to work so hard at everything she accomplishes. Including walking …

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Apr 16

The Garden is Calling

Many years ago I discovered a gardening book where I first read about square foot gardening. I was immediately intrigued with the concept, probably because I had always planted my gardens the “old fashioned” way. Long rows, side by side, with lots and lots of room between the rows for WEEDS. I did not find …

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Aug 21

Almost Ready!

This has been a very busy summer here at Vintage Mama’s Cottage. All the usual family activity seems to have fit quite nicely with room to spare for working on our new business venture. Between learning how to design a business plan and formulate a marketing strategy, we’ve been drawing and drafting pattern templates that …

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