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Oct 05

A moment in time

This has been a difficult week around here. On Monday we learned that one of the students at our middle school passed away on Sunday night. He was a classmate of one of our daughters, and since we live in a rural, farming community it seems that everyone knows everyone else. Or at least knows …

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Jun 02

Summer in the real world

It’s finally summer! This past weekend we had a bit of a family reunion . . . . of course, when a family has ten children and 29 grandchildren, it is rather challenging to think that you would ever have all of them together at the same time, so I’ll settle for a couple kids …

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May 19

Favorite Things: Art in the Alley

If you live in a small town, or if you have EVER lived in a small town, you will understand . . . . it can be challenging trying to get anything “new” organized and running. And it is even more difficult to keep something rolling along, even after the initial efforts to get it …

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Apr 13

Favorite Things: Income Taxes

I am not usually a procrastinator. Most days I have a To Do list and all the tasks are prioritized so I know which things I need to focus on first. And I’m really careful to save all of our medical bills, prescription receipts, dentist bills, donation receipts, and any other bits and pieces of …

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Mar 02

It’s the REAL thing!

That’s what the nurse at our doctor’s office told me last week when I brought Gracie in with a 101.4 temperature. After checking all of her symptoms, which included headache, fever and chills, and all-over body aches, the nurse informed me that this was the “real” influenza. Real or not, we’ve been passing it back …

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Jun 24

I think I have Creative Compulsive Disorder

My journey this spring and summer has been interesting. Sometimes God has a way of gently redirecting us from one pathway to a different one, but I’m the kind of person who always wants to know where I’m going ahead of time. As it turns out, God doesn’t usually give us a “heads up” about …

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