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Oct 27

Pumpkins with Personality

Carving a pumpkin was always part of our autumn celebration . . . . but it was getting kind of boring just doing the same old thing, year after year. There were a few years when we tried some different ways to fix up our pumpkins, but it was still the basic orange pumpkin carved …

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Aug 11

Some of my favorite things

The Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop / Linky Party has been part of my weekly schedule for over 250 weeks! I think that calculates to around five years – but then I’ve never been known as a math genius. Most weeks things happen like clock work and I get my Thursday post up on time, …

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May 06

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Tea Cup Pin Cushion Vintage Mama’s Cottage has been a busy place the past few months! We’ve been working on several new projects in the studio, setting up websites and online shops, and creating fun new designs for babies, kids, and moms as well as a few home decor accessories and art journals. Some days …

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Apr 28

The Clothes Thief

This is no new information – kids are kids, and kids are messy. That’s all. Well, that’s all there is to the reality that kids ARE messy, loud, and high maintenance. So why do we have kids, anyway? Because some of us believe there is great value in family life, and that frequently includes kids. …

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Apr 13

“I work from home” sounds so pleasant

It is often a matter of survival. In today’s economy, it can be simply impossible for a mom with several young children to hold a full-time job away from home. The cost of daycare is so high, that often a mama would be working just to pay for daycare. And in the end, after all …

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Dec 10

Just take the first bite!

Years ago, when my big kids were little, I remember going to a women’s retreat where one of the speakers talked about tackling the big projects that we encounter throughout life. Whether it would be a housecleaning task (like painting a room, cleaning the garage, or occasionally trying to maneuver from the bedroom door to …

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Oct 22

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves . . . but the daily responsibilities never leave. The other day while driving to something for someone, again and again, which is my life these days, I saw a sign on one of the churches in town that read, “Autumn leaves, but Jesus doesn’t.” That made me think of the various ways …

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Oct 14

“I’m Nobody, Who are You?”

I’m Nobody! Who are you? Are you – Nobody – too? Then there’s a pair of us! Don’t tell! they’d advertise – you know! How dreary – to be – Somebody! How public – like a Frog – To tell one’s name – the livelong June – To an admiring Bog! ~ Emily Dickinson, 1830 …

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Sep 17

Pumpkin Patch Recipe Round-Up

Lately I’ve had a difficult time keeping up with everything that has been demanding my attention. That is not all that unusual for me, but the past few weeks has been even MORE demanding on my time, energy, and attention. One of the projects that I’ve been working on (actually since April!) has been listing …

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Aug 26

Endings and Beginnings

One way of looking at life is the “glass half-full or glass half-empty” theory. Which is it? It depends on the “half” that becomes the focus of your investigation. Life is much the same, so that when we focus on what we have left, we realize all of the blessings that God has brought into …

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Aug 21

Don’t look now . . . .

Life has a way of getting our attention when we least expect it. Sometimes I think God is smiling down on all of us as we bustle about our days, making our plans, and setting our schedules to accommodate our goals. Because the one thing we often forget is that we are (really and truly) …

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Jul 02

Stars and Stripes American Flag Pie from “An Extraordinary Day”

Every week I try to get out and about to visit some other creative bloggers to make new friends and to find inspiration and ideas for new projects to work on. Not that I exactly need MORE ideas, but especially when it comes to cooking, I really do need some guidance. I’m actually a pretty …

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