Dec 20

The Costliest Gift of All

 “ Christmas belongs to us,
the believers of Christ,
it doesn’t belong to the world.
Christ needs to be elevated in our hearts year around.
He didn’t come to be marketed as a seasonal gift
on sale for half price.
We were the ones that were bought at price. ”

David Jeremiah

Teaching our children the true meaning of Christmas can be tricky with all of the focus on gift-giving and receiving this time of year. And, of course, children do not understand when we try to explain it to them, because they are . . . . children . . . . and children will always be attracted to pretty, shiny objects. Especially if those pretty, shiny objects appeal to their innate sense of self-centered joy in getting more and more “stuff.” But, even though it can be a bit difficult to help our children understand the dangers of all of that materialistic fascination that our society at Christmas, we need to do our best.

Beyond the reality of the true meaning of Christmas, we need also to teach our children that having a laser-beam focus on acquiring more toys than the next guy leads to a life of emptiness and disappointment. And that emptiness can only be filled with the gift of God’s grace and salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

If we really want our children to experience the joy and blessings of being alive, we will do them a great service to teach that lesson early. Look around. People who have lots of stuff, those who can go shopping at the mall and buy anything and everything they think they want, those who live in big, gorgeous houses and drive expensive, beautiful cars may or may not be happy.

In fact, it is common knowledge that the more stuff we have the more anxiety it produces, because we are constantly worried about it getting broken, stolen, or lost.

But the gift of God is eternal life, and that is truly a gift of matchless perfection! It is not for sale, even at “full price,” when everything else is lying discarded on the discount table or tossed into a corner of the closet when we get bored with it. The price has already been paid, and it was truly at great cost that this gift was made available to each one of us. When we reach out and accept that precious gift of salvation, then we truly will experience the reality of Christmas.

Christ in us; God revealing Himself through the Person of His Only Son the Lord Jesus Christ, at just the right time He came into this world as a tiny baby. His life, His death, His resurrection give us all that we need in this life. No scoffer can discredit what He has done in my life, and you do not need to earn this gift of eternal life. It is yours. He paid dearly for it, and offers it to you as a free gift, from His heart to yours.

Won’t you accept that gift this Christmas season so you can know the joy and peace that only He can bring to your heart? Let us all celebrate His birth together and thank God for this amazing gift of His love.

If you would like to join us this week for “In Other Words,” please visit Karen at In Love W.I.T.H. Jesus. You can leave a link to your post on this quote, and then you can visit the other participants and read their thoughts. Best wishes for a blessed Christmas and a joyous and prosperous New Year! Nina


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  1. Karen Gillett

    It starts with the adults doesn’t it. If we want our kids to learn the true meaning of Christmas we need to display it as well. Last year as I was diagnosed with cancer just before Christmas every bit of money we had for Christmas went to my tests, and doctor’s appointments. There were no gifts for anyone even the grandkids. You know I never heard any complaints from anyone. Often a poor Christmas can be the richest Christmas ever when spent with the right attitude and people. Thanks for sharing today, I really enjoyed it.

    1. Nina

      Hi Karen – thank you so much for hosting IOW this week, and thank you too for stopping by for a little visit. I posted a reply on your blog, too, just wanted to be sure that you see this in case you come back again ;o) Praying for you this Christmas season, and will look forward to an update on your health. Have a blessed holiday celebration of His birth! Nina

  2. Loni

    Yes, teaching our children the true meaning of Christmas with all that goes on around us with the commercialism is hard, but worth it later when we see how the family time is so much more important the gifts AND we celebrate HIM!

    Loved your thoughts here, Nina!

    A blessed Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Nina

      Hi Loni – sending warm wishes and prayers to you and your family this Christmas season. I’ll pop on over to the IOW page and post my quote for January ASAP ;o)

  3. Denise

    Nice post.

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