Jan 15

The Documented Life Project: Week 2

DSCF1387-001This one was a bit more challenging in that the creative prompt this week was to include a “Selfie” in our art journal / planner. Having grown up long before “selfies” existed (at least in the way they are being used all over the place these days!), it was somewhat uncomfortable to put my face right out there for the whole world to see. At least in this kind of artsy sort of way.

DSCF1386-001So after agonizing about it for a few days, wondering how to incorporate my face into a page in my art journal, I remembered that I had this fun image from a few years ago of just my eyes. Can’t remember why I had a picture of my eyes (although I do kind of like my eyes!), but there it was in one of my photo folders, so I thought, “Why not???” and that was the beginning of this week’s page.

In an effort to stay within my “comfort zone,” using just my eyes kind of gave me a sense of security, not plastering my whole face all over the page . . . . and then I added a little saying: “This is all – of ME – you get to see . . . . for now.” Over the top of the picture I draped a shimmery silver sparkly wide ribbon to give me just a tiny bit more “cover,” and attached it at the top left corner with a pretty pink rose cutout.

DSCF1390-001On the inside cover of my Documented Life Art Journal I added a pocket that features musical notation and more roses at the bottom, and another strip of the musical notation paper at the top. More cutout roses embellish the top of the page, and then I made six tags with vintage images on one side and some of my “new adventures” I am planning for this New Year.

DSCF1392-001One of my tags says, “SING!” and another one says, “DANCE!” One says “CREATE!,” one says “PLAY!,” another ones says “DREAM!,” and one more says “BELIEVE!” All of these words offer encouragement and inspiration, and whenever one attempts to learn, discover, and become something new, we need all the motivation we can get!

If you would like to join The Documented Life Project, please visit the website, Art to the 5th, and get busy! It’s not to late to begin your art journal / planner for 2014.

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