Mar 18

The Fun of Spinning Plates

DSCF1757Even though I have decided to take a break from running around trying to keep a hundred plates spinning every day, I simply cannot give up the ones that are fun! I’ve been focused on a couple of other projects the past couple of weeks, and made great progress, but I missed “playing” in my Documented Life Journal. So, although the group is now working on the Week 12 project, I just finished Week 9 and have Week 10 started.

DSCF1758It is tricky trying to balance this thing called “real life” with the creative journey that I tend to take every day. Balance, juggle, slide into place and do my duty (which I also love, but sometimes there just isn’t enough of “ME” to go around!), fly around and keep a few wobbly plates spinning so they don’t crash and break – quick grab a paint brush, or a bottle of glue, some ribbons and lace, or whip out my sewing machine for a few minutes . . . . so goes my day!

The creative prompt for Week 9 as to collage any old recycled stuff you have laying around your house. Well – I don’t how all the rest of you keep up with the mountains of paper that somehow finds its way into every corner of a home, but most days I contemplate just lighting a match and burning that pile of . . . . what is it?

The bills I know what to do with; the true “junk” mail I know what to do with; the invitations and announcements I know what to do with – but it is the rest of the “stuff” that I can’t take care of right this minute, but I can’t throw it away either, because after all I am a responsible person and some things need my attention . . . . some day! So, into the pile the return until I pull them out another day. Or when someone is asking, “Do you know where ____________________ is?”

DSCF1760“Yes, It’s right here in this pile somewhere,” I announce and start pulling stuff out from that ever-growing pile of paper “stuff.” Eventually we find what we’re looking for (and usually I even get the bills paid on time), but lucky for me, when this creative prompt showed up for The Documented Life Project, I had LOTS of “stuff” to recycle for my collage!

I tore up some paper that I had painted on a year or so ago, pulled out a few envelopes from that lurking, smirking, annoying pile of “junk” mail, added a couple of images from some other, long forgotten project, a lonely piece of lace, and a few scraps that had been cut out of a larger piece of lace fabric some other day. I discovered a half-torn up piece of old sheet music (I’m sure just a photocopy because WHO would tear up REAL sheet music???) in my stash of papers, added a little clock face and cut out the letters to spell the work “TIME” and then just glued them all together.

DSCF1759And I didn’t like it. So it sat there for a couple days while I worked on some other stuff, but in the back of my mind, there was always this thought about what I could do to “fix” it. Even though I liked all of the various components, and I liked the composition, it just seemed “boring.”

I decided to write on it and see if that would help. A bit of journaling and some doodling with my black gel pen and I finally decided that I like it. Except I spelled one word wrong. Maybe that wouldn’t bother you, but I tend to be a bit OCD about words, probably because working with words is what I do in my “real life,” so I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to think I can’t spell.

DSCF1761I guess I was distracted by something when I wrote that word (no I am not going to tell you which word it is because I am going to fix it!) – distracted by the six other projects that were all on the table where I was working.

DSCF1762In any event, I will be working on Week 10 this evening after work, and after Gracie’s track practice, and Annie’s piano lesson, and supper, and laundry . . . . . if I’m still coherent. Can’t wait to find out!





If you haven’t checked out The Documented Life Project, come on over and join the group. It is a great opportunity for inspiration and encouragement, even if you don’t consider yourself a journalist or an artist – it’s just great fun to play with the paints, the glue, the markers, and whatever else happens to cross your path while you are having a great time creating. Hope to see you there!



  1. Angela

    I always enjoy your crafting and creative posts! I think “real life” needs to incorporate the artistic parts of our soul. Without it people would miss out on books and poetry that reach deep into their soul and the world would miss the simple and complex views of this world others want to share. Us creative types help others escape this real life driven world and allows them to recharge and be re-inspired. Thank you for sharing this part of you!!!

    1. Nina

      Hi Angela – thanks for your kind and encouraging words. I agree completely – when I have tried to focus on the “serious” stuff of life, I miss out on the joy of creativity. Guess you just can’t ignore what’s in your heart, because it will eventually pop out somewhere along the journey! So happy to reconnect with you ;o)

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