Sep 22

The journey begins . . . again

It has been quite a while since I’ve had time to post here on the mamas*little*treasures blog, and even longer since I’ve had time to create something new to share with you. Now that our girls are in sports, music, and church activities several times each week, and I am working away from home (part-time, but still), it has been a whirlwind of activity that keeps me flying through each day. But I’ve missed having the time to create and connect with my blogging friends.

So, here’s to a new beginning! This morning we worked diligently for about four hours sorting through all of the stuff that has accumulated in our garage over the summer. WHY do we keep some of this JUNK??? We filled the trunk of the car with as much of the good stuff as we could fit in, stuffed a few more bags filled with outgrown clothing and shoes into the back seat, and set out for a trip to our local Goodwill store. There’s still more sorting and organizing to be done, but at least we got a good start on it today. That’s a BIG job and as much as I wish I could do it all in one day, I just can’t.

Once that is organized so I can find some of my sewing and crafting supplies again, I’ll reorganize the sewing room and then we’ll be ready to have some autumn and winter fun! The scrapbooks need to be caught up, more items listed in the Etsy shop, and a few more banner cards and collages or on our crafting agenda in the coming weeks. Another goal on my To Do list is to write up a few more ebook patterns. We’ll see how all of that goes.

Now that I will not be managing the Ruby for Women community (we still have the blog and magazine, but the community was just way more work than we could keep up with!), I am hopeful that I will have time to write some of my own stuff, instead of just promoting everyone else’s writing. Oh, we will still do that, of course, but I just haven’t had the time (or perhaps I just haven’t taken the time!) to work on several writing projects that I started quite some time ago. It’s time for a new beginning!

So, now that I’ve started on this new journey, the plan is to get back to blogging several times a week, sharing ideas for craft and sewing projects, and reconnecting with all of my bloggy friends, including you! Where are you heading this season of change? Where has your journey taken you these past few months? What do you  hope to accomplish as you keep moving forward? Remember, the only time you fail is when you give up . . . . . so DON’T ever give up!

Please send me an email and let me know how you are doing . . . . I love to hear from you!

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  1. SallyAnn

    Good Morning Nina,

    Haven’t talked with you in a while and am glad to hear you are getting more time to do some things you have been wanting to. I quit one of the jobs I was doing so I could devote more time to my Etsy shop and am working on getting work-at-home jobs on the computer. I feel that working at home is where I belong right now but it isn’t easy. So thanks for the advice on not giving up. I just have to trust in God.

    Good luck with your endeavors.

    Have a great day,

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