Aug 21

Almost Ready!

MLT LOGO FBThis has been a very busy summer here at Vintage Mama’s Cottage. All the usual family activity seems to have fit quite nicely with room to spare for working on our new business venture. Between learning how to design a business plan and formulate a marketing strategy, we’ve been drawing and drafting pattern templates that will soon be put to the test in our new eBook patterns.

Besides working on the “behind the scenes” tasks that are necessary to build a business, there have also been some exciting opportunities for us to pursue our goal of not only creating and building a business for our family, but also to open the door of opportunity for other women in our community. All along the way on this journey (over the past 10 years!) it just seemed that there was something bigger than designing and creating cute kids’ clothing; something bigger than following my creative impulse to recreate new designs from “repurposed” garments; something more significant than offering fun and whimsical boutique clothing for moms and kids.

And now, it appears that the opportunity to find that “something more” is right in front of me! This week we will be “setting up shop” in a store front on Main Street in Our Town . . . . along with other women entrepreneurs, many of whom have been encouraged and coached by our local Economic Development Corporation. As part of a larger project, we are excited to join hands with other women in our community and work together to begin the journey to providing employment here in our rural county.

DSCF2964-001The discovery I made, almost 10 years ago, that launched this creative undertaking, was quite surprising to me.

I had grown up with little opportunity to own beautiful, new clothing. As a young girl, I decided that if I wanted anything that was actually “new” I was going to have to figure out how to make it myself.

So, when I was old enough to do a few babysitting jobs in my neighborhood, I began to earn a few dollars here and there.

That was back in the day when I could walk to our Dime Store (do they even exist anymore?) and for $2.00 (which is about what I would make for babysitting at 50 cents an hour!) I could buy enough fabric and a 50 cent pattern to make myself a new dress. And so I did.

After many mistakes, disasters, and tears of frustration, I got pretty good at sewing. And then after a while, being the rather independent spirit that I am, it just wasn’t quite enough to follow the pattern.

So, I began to mix and match, and “recreate” designs from this idea and a few other ideas thrown in. Since that was a rather successful venture, in time I began to invent stuff and just draw it out on a piece of paper. The rest, as they say, is history.

Over the years of raising my older children, I taught myself how to make whatever the kids needed, as well as learning how to make a man’s suit (never again!) as well as design and sew most of my own clothing. All of that seemed to be enough for me, as I was contributing to my family’s well-being and saving money at the same time. But to me, my experience told me that only those of us who could not afford to shop at the mall or the fine, expensive department stores would actually sew and wear “home made” clothing.

DSCF2961-001What a surprise when I discovered that this amazing thing called the World Wide Web had allowed people to connect with one another all over the world, and there were people (moms, to be exact) who did not KNOW how to sew, and who did not WANT to sew, who actually wanted “hand crafted,” high-quality, one -of-a-kind beautiful garments for their children.

Who would have thought that my ability to design and create little dresses, skirts, tops, bloomers, and britches would one day give me the opportunity, once again, to provide for my family!?!?

Now, as I look to the future, I find myself not only having the opportunity to design and create “hand crafted” clothing for children, as a free-lance writer, I have also taught myself how to draw and draft patterns which are now available to other moms. Perhaps there are other moms out there, just like I was when my older kids were little, who want to learn how to sew for their families. Either way, if you are a mama who wants to purchase ready-made, high-quality, unique, hand-crafted clothing for your children (or yourself!), or if you want to make your own beautiful clothing, mamas*little*treasures is the place to find all that you need to fulfill your own goals for your family.

It has taken me most of July and so far all of August to get this project ready to roll, but come September 1, mamas*little*treasures’ designs will be available both online as well as in our new venture with our sweet friend Amanda in the “Apple Pie Boutique.” I’ll keep you posted on our progress!

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