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Thursday Favorite Things: Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards

free-vintage-valentine-card-happy-couple-in-heart-with-forget-me-nots-wood-backgroundWhen I was a little girl, Valentine’s Day was a very important event! I would spend hours making pretty Valentine’s Day cards for my friends at school, and then later when we could just go out and buy a box of cards, it was still a big job for a little girl to decide which card should go to which friend.

Especially when it came to giving a Valentine’s Day card to ALL the kids in my class at school . . . which included boys. It was really tricky to figure out which card to give to a boy, particularly if it was a boy that I thought was kind of cute. Or if I was giving a card to a boy that I really didn’t like at all. Because that’s how we did it at our school. Everyone in the class gave a card to everyone else in the class. To be fair, and not leave anyone out, or make someone feel embarrassed.


For some reason I’ve always liked the old-fashioned Valentine’s Day cards so when I found a few examples of vintage cards, I wanted to share them with you. The ones I remember from when I was in grade school were the silly, goofy ones. But the ones I like the best have pictures of boys and girls all dressed up, or the ones with sweet little cupids flying around shooting their arrows straight into the hearts of their unsuspecting victims.


I think I’ll go back and revisit the history of Valentine’s Day (there really was a St. Valentine!) and try to find out when and why we started sending cards to one another on this particular day of the year. Whatever the reason, it is still fun! I just sent out a bunch of sweet little Valentine’s Day cards to some munchkins that I don’t get to see very often, and now I’ll be looking for the perfect cards for my hubby and our girls. Just another way to say “I Love YOU!!!”  Hope your Valentine’s Day is fun and filled with love, laughter, and joy.



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  1. Jennifer

    I love these sweet Vintage images of Valentines Day!

    1. Nina

      Hi Jennifer – thanks for stopping by! Yes, the old fashioned ones are so pretty I just had to share some of them today. Hope to see you again next week at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Nina

  2. Olivia

    Hi Nina,
    I love the old fashioned style Valentines cards too. In my opinion, they are much prettier than the new styles. Have you ever looked through the Victorian Trading Company Catalog or the website? They have so many pretty things and sometimes they have cards that are similar to these. My mom has always been partial to Victorian styles as is my mother in law. Although my MIL leans more heavily towards Baroque fashions than my mother does. Sometimes I have found pretty stickers with prints like these. I usually send them to my mom in her birthday and Christmas packages. She and I have similar tastes except I use much cooler colors. She would love all of these pretty cards.

    Happy Valentines Day to you. I will pin this for you to Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop board. xoxo


    1. Nina

      Hi Olivia – I’m on my way over to visit you, too! Thanks for pinning and sharing. Looking forward to connecting with you every week at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop, Nina

  3. Kathryn Ross

    Hi Nina!

    Yes, I love the old Valentines, too, not the silly ones we gave. Though, some of those retro vintage images from mid-century were sweet. Much better than all the commercial characters of today’s Valentines. Every movie that comes out–even violent ones–have Valentines! Bizarre.

    You’ll love the history study on St. Valentine. Though a bit of hagiography is involved, we can piece together some truth to be going on with–and the interesting morphing through the centuries.

    I’ve starting scanning the postcard collection from my grandfather. He received them between 1914 and 1921. Some are very unusual. I’m selling them digitally in my Etsy shop–though I know folks can grab many great images for free. I only do a little touching up–not taking away from the vintage, aged look, but drawing out the original colors and contrasts. I have an amazing WWI series I will be loading this week.

    Joy to you!

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