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Thursday Favorite Things: Encouraging Creativity in Children

DSCF2954-001Everyone is creative. We might not all feel like we are creative, but that depends on our definition of “creativity.” We aren’t all artists who paint pictures or design buildings or fashion sculptures. We aren’t all classical pianists or opera singers or violinists. We aren’t all writers or poets or composers. We aren’t all actors or orators or playwrights. But we are all creative in one way or another. That’s a theological truth that should be recognized . . . . especially by those who feel their contributions to the world are really not very “creative.”

Children are, by nature, creative. Their imaginations are filled with stories and pictures, dreams and hopes, ideas and make-believe worlds that we, as adults, have long since forgotten. But they still exist in the hearts and minds of children. As parents, one of the best gifts we can give our children is an understanding of their own creativity.

Even those of us who have physical or intellectual challenges can express creativity. Our Annie’s story is a perfect example of how creativity can bring joy to a little life that began with many obstacles. Having spent the first 2 1/2 years of her life in a Chinese orphanage, with mild Cerebral Palsy, Annie was cared for by loving orphanage workers who simply did not have the time or energy to give extra care to a child who could not do for herself what other children of her age could do.

DSCF2955-001So, consequently she was left lying, flat on her back, in a crib for most of the days of her young life. When we brought her home in March, 2005, Annie was 2 1/2 years old but she could not walk, talk, sit up, roll over, crawl, or feed herself. She could prop herself up with her stronger right arm, but she had very little upper body strength. But she is a little trooper, and it didn’t take long for her to learn to crawl (her older sister Gracie taught her that skill!), and pretty soon she was walking . . . . well, wobbling, actually but it was a great beginning.

Her speech did not even begin to develop until she was four, and with the help of speech therapists, she has made great progress. Physical therapy and occupational therapy have also enabled her to do just about everything all the other kids her age can do. Glasses have improved her vision, and a caring and generous dentist helped us when she lost her balance on the playground a couple of years ago and broke one of her (permanent) front teeth. She still wobbles a bit, and if you watch carefully you can see that she walks a bit lop-sided, but in so many ways she is just a normal kid.

DSCF2956-001She has been taking piano lessons for over a year now and finally can hit most of the keys most of the time with both hands. She starts playing bells in the school band next week, and she is so excited to be part of this musical team. And she draws. And draws. And draws.

Yesterday while I was sewing (which she loves to help with, too) she got out some paper and markers and started to draw. I went about my business until late afternoon and she was still drawing. No T.V. or other distractions, just drawing. After a while, as I was in the kitchen, she said, “Mama, what should I draw next?”

“Hmmm,” I pondered the options for a minute, and then I remembered a little story that had been bouncing around my brain for quite some time. “How about you draw me a Hoozersnoot?” I suggested. “Well, what do they look like?” she inquired. “I don’t know,” I said, “let’s see if we can imagine what a Hoozersnoot might look like.”

So, away she went with her paper and markers and she drew me a Hoozersnoot.

DSCF2959-001“Where did you hear that story about the Hoozersnoots, Mama?” she asked me as she was drawing. “It’s in my head,” I told her. You would have thought I had just handed her a treasured gift! “Well, then, let’s tell the story of the Hoozersnoots and I’ll draw the pictures!” she announced and went back to drawing.

I’m not sure what all of this means or where it might lead, but I do know this: God made each one of us in His image, meaning He is the Creator God and we are His image-bearers. Therefore, we all have an element of creativity in our spirits. Sometimes we just need the right opportunity, a bit of encouragement, and a belief that we really and truly can create something that will be a blessing to the world.

Do you consider yourself creative, or is that an area that you have just never really thought about?

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  1. Nicki

    What an inspiring little girl you have. Just amazing. I hope her creativity takes her far 🙂

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