Jan 09

Thursday Favorite Things: Hand Written Letters

letterIn the midst of all the technological advances we have experienced over the past 10 years, it seems that we sometimes lose that “personal touch” that comes with a hand written note or card. Even a phone call is much more intimate than a text message or an email. But that is the easiest way to communicate with one another these days, and we all get lost in the hurry and scurry of everyday life.

Perhaps this past few days (for some of us) of being snowed in and unable to get out and run to this errand and that appointment has given an opportunity to slow down and think about what we might be missing in all this busyness of life. One of the goals that I have on my Documented Life Project list is to take a few minutes every week or so and send a card or a hand written note to someone I love. Just because I love them, not because it is a special holiday, or a birthday, or anniversary.

vinthandwriting1-jpgI have many letters and notes that were written to me over the years that are very special to me and I keep them in a little treasure box on my book shelf. And having a great interest in history, I realize that letters are one of our best sources for learning about people who lived before us. I wonder how we will be remembered . . . . will the text messages make any sense to someone reading them (if they still even exist somewhere out there) in 10 or 20 or 100 years from now?

Will our abbreviated, abrupt, and sometimes disconnected email messages have any meaning at all to another generation? And will it even make any difference because the things we “write” about often are quite non-descript and meaningless. Such as “Waz up?” or “What RU doin?” or “LOL” and “IDK.”

So being rather nostalgic in nature, and old-fashioned by nurture, I guess I miss the days when you would go to the mailbox and there might actually be something personal out there. More than junk mail, bills, and solicitations for this political activity or that organization. So I’m determined to do my part in this new year to turn the tide of electronic communications, all by myself, and send a few hand-written letters, notes, and cards to special people in my life. Be watching, I just might be sending one to you!



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  1. Erinn S

    We just moved this summer and I came across a tote of mine. My Mom had saved all my hand written class notes she wold find in my binders and bedroom and had them in a ziploc. What a blast to find and read almost 20 years later!

  2. Sue

    Love this post and your idea. I like a phone call much better than a text, but your right a text about little things is easier like an addition to the grocery list sent by hubby as I walk the isle; I appreciate that. But I also appreciate a phone call between me and my friend. Hand written letters were great back in the day and maybe you are on to something.

  3. a spirit of simplicity

    i must admit that I rarely hand write anything but lists and notes. My creative flow seems stifled with a pen though it never used to be that way. At this point i find that my words flow better through a key board.

  4. Pam@over50feeling40

    There are so many things the Internet is taking from the younger generation…and handwritten notes is on that list. I hope children will be trained to take time to hand write a thank you note or a letter. I friend of mine moved last year and she left cards and stamped envelopes with us to stay in touch. Love that idea! And I love co-hosting the hop with you! Have a great weekend ahead!

    1. Nina

      Hi Pam – thanks for stopping by. That is a great idea, to give our friends the gift of cards and stamped envelopes to help us stay connected. So glad you shared that with me. I am grateful the the opportunity to get to know more bloggers through being a co-hostess with you and the others at Katherine’s Corner. I’m planning to have some time tomorrow afternoon to do a bit of visiting so I’ll stop by to see you then!

  5. Antionette Blake

    I love sending and receiving cards and spent most of last Saturday going through ones that I have kept over the years, some even over 30 years! Thanks for co-hosting with Katherine.

    1. Nina

      So glad you stopped by Antionette – isn’t it fun to go through those old letters and cards? Brings back memories . . . I’ve saved many over the years and am currently working on getting many of them in scrapbooks along with photos from anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. My house will be FILLED with scrapbooks when I am finished (if I ever do!) but that is better for me than having all those treasures hidden away in boxes. Thanks for joining the blog hop!

  6. Cynthia

    Found you over at Katherine’s! Love this post! Why? I still love receiving handwritten letters and cards. It is such a lost art! We much bring it back!

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