Oct 13

Thursday Favorite Things: Home and Family

One of the memories that seems to stick in my brain over the years has been the way that everyone’s home has its own, unique “feel.” My first real memory of that is from many years ago when our oldest daughter was born and my mother-in-law came to stay with us for a few days. I adored my mother-in-law so I was quite happy to have her around. She was a gentle, loving, and very nurturing mama. So, we brought our brand new baby girl home to our tiny cottage in the Adirondack Mountains and there as Grandma ready to take care of all of us!

It didn’t take long before she had everything in order . . . . she cooked and baked; she tidied and rearranged, and suddenly “my” house felt like “her” house. That was not a bad thing, but I just remember realizing that we all have our own way of doing things, and it impressed upon me how significant our presence in the lives of those around us really is. She came into our home and took care of us, just the way she had always taken care of her children when they all still lived in her home. Of course, that is the way she would take care of all of us, including that precious new baby girl.

There was a sense of peace and security, love and stability, orderliness and continuity having her in our home. It felt like “home” with her there. We all leave those kinds of impressions with the people in our lives, and it is important that we think about the memories we are leaving behind as we live out each day in our homes and with our families. That is not to say that she was perfect, and it is not to suggest that any one of us will do it “right” all of the time . . . . but do we strive to create a home where our family will feel safe, peaceful, and loved?

Last night in our ladies Bible study I heard something that was life changing. Well, probably it was not the first time I had heard it, but for some reason this time I REALLY heard it: We must claim everything that has happened to us in our lives as our own “property” and give it to God to sanctify it. I had never thought about it that way before. All of the events in life that bring us pain and brokenness can be used of God (which I knew in my head!), but as long as we “pretend” that it didn’t happen, and avoid looking at it or talking about it, the Enemy has control of that piece of our lives and uses it to bring discouragement, anxiety, and fear into our hearts.

So, instead of looking back and feeling like a failure for my past sins and all of the struggles, I need to claim all of the “junk” on that piece of my “property” and give it to God! He alone can use all of the “junk” and make even that messy corner of my life into something beautiful. Beauty that He can then use to bring a blessing to others. Now, isn’t THAT a different way of thinking about all of those things that have held me back from truly walking with Him?

So as I look around me and see all of the blessings in my life, I choose now also to look at, and really see, the past in a different light. I’m taking it back from the Enemy of my soul, and then I’m letting go of it again to give it to the only One who can change the ashes of my pain into the beauty of His life in me. Won’t you consider cleaning up that corner of your life that is filled with “junk” that is so painful to look at? Reclaim it for God’s glory and then YOUR heartache will be turned to rejoicing when you realize that He is using it all, EVERYTHING, to fulfill His promise: “all things work together for good for those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

That does not mean that “all things” are easy or pleasant or joyful at the time we are going through them. But it does mean that God can USE “all things,” even the painful, hurtful, and tragic events of our lives and make something beautiful from them.

That was “ALL things” . . . . everything . . . . and that is what struck me so powerfully last night. I hope you realize how much He wants to change your ‘junk” into a beautiful blessing . . . . He doesn’t just paint it or sweep it or redecorate it – He actually turns it into something else! Beauty for ashes, if you will just take it back from the Enemy of your soul and give it to the Lover of your soul. You are SO worth it!

The Bible study that we are doing this fall at our church is by Beth Moore, The Inheritance, and the message of God’s power to use everything in our lives for His glory is powerful and life-transforming. If you have an opportunity to study this topic, I would encourage you to do so! Have a great Thursday and be sure to visit Katherine’s Corner to link up your post on YOUR Favorite Things and have fun meeting new bloggy friends today.

~~ Nina


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  1. Doylene Brents

    I enjoyed your post. Have a great week. Doylene

  2. GraceinAZ

    What a wonderful post, and one I need to work on! Thank you so much for this one! God must have wanted me to see it today! Hugs, GraceinAZ

  3. Katherine

    What a lovely post my cherished friend. Thank you for adding my hop too. You are a sweetheart. Hugs and sending wishes for a weekend filled with laughter xo

  4. rostumetru

    Well done, great all the best

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