Feb 27

Thursday Favorite Things: Little Tags and Envelopes

DSCF1687In the midst of all the flurry of activity around here this winter, and the difficulty of doing everything from day to day with the challenge of endless snow storms, one thing that has been a source of focus and serenity has been my times of working in my art journal for The Documented Life Project. Last week the creative prompt was to add a “tip-in” flap and add another flap to the flap!

Copy of DSCF1671As I’ve been experimenting with various techniques, the one that has been the most fun recently is stitching on my paper instead of using glue. It really works quite well if I use card stock, especially after I’ve painted it on both sides. That gives it much more flexibility and stability, and it looks pretty, too.

Copy of DSCF1672For this creative challenge I used a piece of card stock that I had painted on both sides, folded it in half, and then started stitching stuff on to it. And once I got started, I just kept finding more and more ways to embellish my little flap . . . . and then another little double-flap . . . and then a tiny envelope with a cute embellished tag inside.

Copy of DSCF1673I cut out a bunch of circles from scrap paper that I had painted on previously, and then cut tiny notches around the edges to make a “flower.” Layers were perfect for this particular project, and it was easy to do with my sewing machine.

Some vellum paper with writing and musical notes provided a subtle background, a bit of ribbon and yarn, and on the inside of my big flap I stitched on a few inspirational quotes to keep me motivated on these blustery days when what I really want to do is curl up with a cup of cocoa and a good book.

Copy of DSCF1674If you have never tried creating an art journal, let me tell you that it is very therapeutic. What I mean by that is that you will find yourself focused on something other than all the messy, crazy, annoying, and exasperating events of life.

Things like this weather and all of the struggles that come with trying to move kids around through snow drifts; what to do when you need to go to work but you have sick kids; having to go to the grocery store but first you have to shovel the snow out of the driveway . . . . that kind of stuff.

Copy of DSCF1675Or even more intense stuff that we all deal with if we’ve been alive on planet earth for more than a minute or two. I have found that when I feel discouraged or overwhelmed or anxious or fearful, if I stop my brain from swirling around and around on the particular problem I am facing by focusing on something else, it really does lower my blood pressure!

Creativity has a way of doing that for us. I know that some of you think your aren’t creative . . . . but that’s not true. You might be creative in a different way than someone else, but God created you in His image, and since He is THE Creator, you have that creative spirit in you, too.

DSCF1678Maybe give it some thought and join The Documented Life Project and connect with a few other creative spirits who love to encourage and inspire others. Really – creativity is truly a gift that heals a wounded soul!










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  1. Pam@over50feeling40

    So sweet…I love co-hosting with you! The ideas are precious!!

  2. Daenel T

    Your journal is absolutely beautiful. I never would’ve thought to stitch paper. It adds a nice bit of whimsy.

    And I love that you stated that God created us in His image and as the ultimate creator, we are all creative. A very nice thought…

  3. Kathryn Ross

    Glorious project – and it has been on my list of things to do with my tags for some time. I just always concede to glue! You have inspired me to make my next batch of tags on the sewing machine. I am in a Circle Journal Group and we did an art journal a couple years ago – LOVED it – the journal continues to inspire me as I keep it in my Quiet Place Corner. I am on the same page with you, too, seeking to encourage women to own their creativity as they are created in the image of a Creator God! Joy! Look forward to more of your lovelies. Visiting from Thursday Favorite Things this week with a recap of Nana time with my visiting grand-girl – back to the studio and keyboard for me this week, though . . .
    Kathy@The Writers Reverie

  4. jess

    Thank you for hosting this blog host. I have recently began my fashion blog, and Pam has been instrumental in helping me as well. If you can stop by it is http://www.elegantlydressedandstylish.com. I love your art journal! Very creative and beautiful. I am not crafty at all.

  5. Heather {Woods of Bell Trees}

    This is sooo pretty! I need to find something I can do for myself to just decompress! I agree we’re all creative in our own way. I have a lot of people tell me “oh I’m not creative like _____” , but that’s the problem right there they’re comparing themselves to someone else. We all have our own thing that we can do and we should focus on that thing and not what we can’t do.

    I have read a few posts like this one the last couple of days that are helping me see where I am doing ok and what I need to change to do better when it’s not ok. I am going to take you advice and start taking my focus and directing it somewhere else more beneficial than worrying about it. Thanks! 😀

  6. Veronica Lee

    WOW!! That is soooooo pretty! Love your journal. How true that we are all creative. I never thought I could decorate cookies until I tried and bam! – the ideas just keep coming!
    Have a nice day!

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