Jul 10

Thursday Favorite Things: Making Stuff!

DSCF2651-002It’s kind of a paradox around here . . . . one day I’m sorting, organizing, and throwing stuff out because we just have TOO MUCH stuff. The next day I’ve got all of my craft supplies out on the dining room table, making more stuff.

So, in reality it is actually about prioritizing my stuff. Some stuff is “good” stuff and other stuff is just in the way. The dilemma always comes from trying to decide which stuff to keep and which stuff to toss out. But once the decision is made, it is GONE!

But one of the benefits of getting rid of the stuff that is no longer needed (was it ever?) and throwing away the stuff that just never should have been saved anyway – is that now we have room for the fun stuff!

When I was at a meeting for business women in Our Town a couple of weeks ago, we all went around the room and introduced ourselves and told the group what we “do.” I had to think about that for a few minutes, so it was a good thing that I was kind of at the end of the line of participants.

DSCF2610-001After deliberating for a few seconds (because I really wanted to listen to what everyone else in the room had to say), I realized that I couldn’t recite all of the various things that I currently “do” in life and for my business, so when it was my turn, I just said, “I make stuff!”

And that’s the truth. I make stuff. I’m working on getting a bit more focus so that I’m not trying to make a whole bunch of different stuff all at the same time (that is more challenging for me than it might sound), but in the big picture of my life, making stuff is what I do.

DSCF2627-001Even though I am currently working on a new collection of clothing designs and eBook patterns for children and young teens, the other day I simply had to see what would happen if I took a couple of left over canning jars and spay painted them white. Well, of course, they would then be white . . . . . but what could I actually make out of them that would be “pretty”?

While rescuing three canning jars from the garage, I came across a little wooden tray that I had been saving for a couple of years – no idea where it came from or why I saved it in the first place – and thought I might as well paint that, too. After all, a fresh coat of paint will brighten up any old thing!

Then I remembered that I had some burlap ribbon that I bought a while back for some project or another, so why not see what I could come up with by putting together burlap and white, and maybe some lace and ribbon? And a bit of bling with a few pieces of left over chain and rhinestone trim . . . . and a few of those buttons that my friend sent me in the mail after she cleaned out her craft stash!

It was great fun spraying the paint on all that stuff and making it look different. While I was outside spray painting the canning jars and wooden tray, I spied a bird cage in the corner of the garage. It was filled with old silk flowers and a tiny bird’s next, along with some tangled vine things. I’m sure it was very pretty when it was first made, but when I got it at a yard sale a year or so ago, it looked pretty weary. But I knew it had potential!

DSCF2629-001Well, that just had to be painted, too, don’t you think? It was originally goldtone but it had a few rust spots on it, so the white spray paint was the perfect cover-up! After painting everything (then doing the dishes and folding laundry while it was drying), I started to play. Just tying a piece of burlap ribbon around each of the jars was cute, but I wanted to be a little bit more dramatic. My trusty ol’ hot glue gun came out and I was able to attach some goldtone chain and rhinestone trim to each of the jars.

DSCF2641-001Then, the tray was lined with a wider piece of burlap that has white lace on it . . . . . and there they are, sitting on my book case. I think I will use them for my paint brushes or pens in my little sewing / design studio. But for now, I just think they are pretty so I’ll keep them here and look at them for a while.

The bird cage – not sure it is finished yet, but with a bit of burlap ribbon trim, and the addition of narrow white satin trim, it is definitely looking much better than it did with the old bird’s nest, faded silk flowers, and tangled vines drooping out.

DSCF2648-002Then, what to do with the leftover materials? Well, I remembered that I had another wire wreath form from last weeks Patriotic FREEDOM Wreath project, so I grabbed that and played around with the burlap and lace stuff, pouffed it out through the wires on the form to make little “pillows” and then used up the rest of the white satin ribbon, along with some gold ribbon (from the same friend who sent me all those beautiful buttons!).

Tied a few bows and glued on a few goldtone and white buttons, and there you have it! A fun summer collection to add to our newly painted bedroom. Don’t you think they are cute? Just a bunch of stuff sitting around our house and garage, and I had all the fun of . . . . . making stuff! That’s what I do  ;o)

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  1. Nolie

    First time participating. Looking forward to meeting new people.

  2. Amanda

    I must be in the same boat as you. I love making stuff, but the organizing part of me has a difficult time when I have to leave my project to do something else. Like make dinner… 😉
    Thanks for co-hosting the Thursday Favorite Things! Always fun to peek and see what people are doing. Have a great week!

  3. Karren Haller

    It is amazing what you can do with a bit of burlap and a few minutes. Thanks for hosting today!
    have a great day!!

  4. Carrie Groneman

    I love what you did with your ‘stuff’. I have too much myself, and seem to move it from place to place as I ‘organize it’, lol Thank you for the terrific party. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  5. Pam@over50feeling40

    So cute! I always love co-hostessing with you!! Have a great weekend!

  6. Katherines Corner

    you are an awesome co hostess ♥

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