Dec 19

Thursday Favorite Things: Music


Music . . . . . for those who have been gifted with musical talent, it must be the focal point of all of life’s experience. For those who have had the opportunity to learn from a young age the techniques and skills to share the music in their souls, there must be great joy in sharing this treasure with others.

But for those who either were not born with a natural talent for musical expression, or who were not offered the opportunity as a child to discover the joy of music, it is a life-long source of sorrow.

As much as I love music, I have never had the chance to figure out whether I could have any musical inclinations. As a result, I have made sure that all of my children were given every opportunity I could find and afford to discover their own music. Whether or not they pursued music was their decision in life, but I wanted at least to give them the choice that I never had.

Piano with RoseOver the years, as my older children were growing up, I ventured out timidly to see if I could learn anything about music. I took piano lessons as an adult, and I can read music and find my way around a bit on a keyboard, but that is not the same as having those haunting melodies fly through my soul, out of my fingertips, and soar off the keyboard. It never sounds like what is in my soul. That terrified, trembling, invisible soul of a wounded musician.

And now – I have decided that it can wait no longer. The music in my broken heart will come forth, one day, one way, before that final item is checked off my Bucket List. I suspect that it will never be good enough to share with others, but for now, if only God hears the music that comes from my being, whether from my fingers on a piano keyboard or from my voice in song . . . . that will be enough. Then, perhaps before I arrive in that Place where every song will praise Him (even my inadequate, limping tunes), I just might even see if I can play a harp. Now that would really be something, wouldn’t it?

thursday-favorite-things-blog-hop-button-2013This week, I am reminded of how much music is one of my very favorite things, to be shared with others one way or another. But for now, let it be enough that I am speaking this part of my hidden soul out loud (or at least, in black and white!) for this week’s Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop at Katherine’s Corner. I challenge you to share that favorite thing, that secret passion, that is hidden in your heart with us. I’ll be looking for you there!

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  1. Katherines Corner

    beautiful, merry Christmas my friend xox

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