Nov 07

Thursday Favorite Things: My Sewing Room

DSCF1240-002Well, now that I’ve spent the past three weeks sorting through boxes, baskets, and storage bins I can finally work in my sewing room again! All that stuff we hauled in from the garage landed right in the middle of my sewing room (which is also my little corner office with a view out to the garden and the woods, as well as the Music Room for piano lessons), so it was getting pretty exhausting trying to function in the middle of all that chaos. But I knew that the only way I would get through all of the sorting was if it was right where I really wanted to be . . . . I very quickly became motivated to get busy and sort and toss all of the unnecessary and unwanted items we had accumulated.

DSCF1244-002I still have some sorting to do, however, and my goal is to have most of the rest of my organizing completed before Thanksgiving. One of my goals this winter is to get the scrapbooks out (we always try to work on them during snow days!), and I have boxes of old photographs that I need to go through, scan into the computer, and get reprints. Then on to the creative task of designing scrapbook pages! Even the big kids still love to sit and look through their scrapbooks and remember this birthday party or that Christmas.

DSCF1234-002Today, for my Thursday Favorite Things post, I wanted to share some photos of part of my little creative corner. It isn’t quite finished, but we’ve made great progress fixing up our cozy cottage by the lake. We painted this room and added a row of wallpaper border with birdhouses and other garden designs. Right outside my window is our side yard where we have a small garden (which will be a bit larger next spring if I can manage it!), so the garden theme seemed appropriate.

Then we added some book cases for storing all my crafting, sewing, and scrapbooking paraphernalia as well as making room for our keyboard for Annie’s piano lessons. One corner of the room has my desk and computer, there’s a table for my sewing machine, and a closet for all the leftover stuff. The best part is that now I have a place to put everything . . . . and that was a big part of the original problem, not having enough storage space.

DSCF1255-002So, between weeding out all the excess “stuff” and adding some storage shelves, and getting all the “stuff” that we need to keep organized, I can actually find what I’m looking for (most of the time!). And that saves money, because now I won’t have to go out and buy something for my next sewing project that I know I already have but don’t have time to go looking for it – it will be right here in my sewing room!

Please join us today for the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop at Katherine’s Corner . . . . and don’t forget to enter to win the Crafty Christmas CASH Giveaway while you are over there. Be sure to leave a comment, and tell her that Vintage Mama sent you!

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  1. Beth Brubaker

    This is so NOT my sewing space- mine is a hot mess! It’s been a year now and I still don’t have everything unpacked, and I might have to get rid of even more stuff! Of course mine is also where I craft and write, and I’m waiting for a few more shelves to get put in before I really give it another go concerning putting things away.
    In the meantime, it looks like I should be on Hoarders as I sew with totes stacked on one side of me and a storage cabinet on the other. I have a table that goes from 12″ to six feet, which is now partially open to accommodate pinning fabric.
    One of these days I MIGHT post pics, but it certainly isn’t going to be today!

    Love your space! It looks so nice and cozy…and decluttered!

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