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Thursday Favorite Things: New Beginnings

Fullscreen capture 112014 82504 PMAs much as I love Christmas and all that comes with the festivities of the holiday season, it is always a gift that I treasure to welcome the New Year. I’ve been thinking a great deal about this coming year and contemplating a few changes that I plan to make in the coming days and weeks. Not that I ever make New Year’s Resolutions – that seems rather counter productive, since most of us will make plans to accomplish something that is completely out of our reach (at least in the short term), and then get discouraged when it doesn’t happen immediately.

No, I would rather set a few long-term goals, organize and plan for a marathon rather than a sprint, and focus on the daily, small victories rather than anticipating that I will wake up one morning and everything in my life will be wonderful. Life doesn’t work that way, and I have come to the realization that as long as we are waiting for that magical day of perfection, well, we’ll be pretty unhappy most of our lives because there is not magical day of perfection.So as I make plans to approach the new year with a few goals established, one of the things that I am working on is to clarify my focus. I have a personality quirk that I can only describe as perhaps “reverse ADHD.” Meaning that, I seem to suffer from the opposite of normal people who happen to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, much like a couple of my children who struggle to stay focused on one thing for more than a few seconds at a time . . . . I tend to stay focused on a whole bunch of stuff, all at the same time, and can’t let go of anything until I make myself rather annoyed with life in general.

As I consider some of my New Beginnings for this new year, here are a few challenges that I will be posting about as I attempt to slow myself down and regain my focus:

Fullscreen capture 112014 83440 PM1. Simplify – I am definitely NOT a hoarder as I try to move “stuff” out of our house when it is no longer needed or being used. BUT . . . . since I do so many different projects (sewing, crafting, scrap booking, writing, painting, etc, etc, etc), I have cupboards filled with all of the necessary “stuff” to do those kinds of projects. Not sure what I’m going to do about all of this, but I’ll let you know as I go along!

Fullscreen capture 112014 83121 PM2. Slow Down – This one will be particularly difficult since all of my life I’ve had two speeds . . . Fast and Off. I am either flying around spinning the plates as fast as I can  or I am dead asleep, recuperating for the next day of flying and spinning.

Fortunately, most of the time I can get those plates spinning fast enough that they keep right on going until I awake from my comatose state and zip around and give them all another spin before they all crash and shatter on the ground. I have no idea how I am going to accomplish this, either, but I’m working on it.

Fullscreen capture 112014 83837 PM3. Sing and Dance – At my age, I certainly should take some time to have fun – but that is definitely an area of my life that has always been a source of mystery to me. Since I grew up in a family where the motto was, “FIRST you work and THEN you play!,” I have always found it slightly guilt-inducing to take time to play. You know, sit down and watch a movie just for fun, or be really daring and dance like no one is watching. This is one area where I can make definite plans and schedule some fun time – and write it on the calendar in ink!

That’s a start on my New Beginnings for 2014. I have promised myself that every day I will stop for a minute before I race off to all the tasks and responsibilities that are calling my name (very loudly!) and make plans to simplify, slow down, and play a little. We’ll see how it goes! What are your plans for the new year? I would love to hear how you plan to make a few New Beginnings in your life this year.


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  1. The Tablescaper

    Love the way you’re starting 2014!

    – Alma, The Tablescaper

  2. Barbara

    I’m with you on the simplify… I spent the last couple of days throwing out year’s of old paperwork, decluttering desk draws, and organising birthday cards for family over the next year so I’m not throw into a panic when I find I’ve forgotten someone. It’s all been very therapeutic! Have a great 2014.

  3. Pam@over50feeling40

    I need to deal with clutter today!! Thanks for the tips! I am so happy to be co-hostessing the blog hop with you!

  4. self sagacity

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve been working on this for a couple of years.

  5. Antionette Blake

    I think 2014 is the year of simplification…lets see how we are doing come mid-March. Thanks for co-hosting the hop and Happy New Year.

  6. Kathy

    Hi! Nice reminders for all of us to slow down and be mindful of the moment.

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