May 03

Thursday Favorite Things: Our Daughters

I know that I fill my blog posts with all of the cute, silly, funny, annoying, and amazing exploits of our daughters, but really . . . . . they are absolutely the most “favorite things” in my life! Our “little girls” are excited that we are going to be visiting one our  “big girls” tomorrow. It is so much fun when we all get together, with “Littlest Big Sister,” and her four gorgeous children ;o), and “Big Little Sister” and “Little Little Sister” get to play babysitter for the babies.

Those are the moments when God reminds me that all of the heartache of days gone by have now been redeemed in His time. We have a sweet family, though a bit different than the ordinary, but the pathway of life has a way of leading us to times of peace and joy after the storms and darkness. As it turns out, “Big Little Sister” and “Little Big Sister” both love photography so I’ve been bombarded with amazing photos that have been edited beyond recognition . . . .

Now that the weather is warm and the flowers are blooming, “Big Little Sister”  likes to wander around outside and check out all of the interesting stuff to photograph in the neighbors’ yards. Down by the lake she takes pictures of sand, stones, trees, grass, boats, the water, sunrises, and sunsets. Gardens, fences, old barns, weeds, wild roses, swamps, dead branches, rain-soaked leaves, mud puddles – she takes pictures of it all.

What can I say? She sees me taking pictures of a wide variety of unusual things . . . but most of the “unusual” things that I photograph are things that I have made   ;o)  So, then when she takes a break from editing all of her latest photos, she comes out to where I’m working on the latest crafty creation and jumps right in, making suggestions of where to glue this or how to cut that. I guess it  runs in the family! Next time I’ll post some of the photos that “Little Big Sister” has been working on, and she is actually turning her creative photography into a business. Now that’s something to think about!


Have a great Thursday, and I hope you will take a minute to share a few of your favorite things on your blog. Then, pop on over to Katherine’s Corner and join us for the “Thursday Favorite Things” blog hop. Just leave a link to your post about YOUR favorite things and we’ll stop by to visit you later today. Hope to see you there! Nina




  1. Katherines Corner

    I love reading posts about your lovely family. I hope this finds you well and smiling. Hugs and thank you for joining in the hop fun. xo

  2. Connie Arnold

    I enjoyed your post, Nina. Hope you have a good weekend and a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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