Jun 07

Thursday Favorite Things: Our Sprinkler

I know, it seems kind of a silly thing to declare one of my “favorite things” – but it’s true! When I was a little girl I used to love playing in the sprinkler on hot summer days. Even though we lived by a lake, my mother was deathly afraid of the water, and so I only got to go swimming on rare occasions. And then, she would become quite panicky if I went out into water higher than my knees. She couldn’t swim, and she was terrified that if something happened to me, she wouldn’t be able to help me.

Of course, back then I had no clue how dangerous it could be for a child to go out too far into a lake, and when I was a teenager I tried swimming from a raft half-way out into the middle of the lake (or so it seemed!) and got a bit panicky myself when I was having a hard time reaching shore. Now that was a story she never knew about!

So playing in the sprinkler was always one of my favorite things to do in the summer. And then my older children (when they were little) had great fun running through sprinklers over the years, jumping and laughing, tumbling and sliding on the slippery grass. Over the years that trusty old sprinkler just became part of our summer traditions. No matter where we lived, all we needed was a patch of grass and a simple little sprinkler. Sometimes we had the kind that shoots a row of water straight up in the air and then slowly drops down on one side then back up to the top and down again on the other side. That kind is fun because you can actually play games with the sprinkler (I was an only child until I was eight!).

Or the kind that shoots water out to the side and spins around and around. That one is great for playing games, too, because you can spend a whole summer afternoon trying to figure out how to time it just right so that you can jump over the blast of shooting water every time it comes around. The one we have now is just a plain, old-fashioned little round disk that shoots water out the top in a big circle all around. No matter what shape or size, a sprinkler in the summer just has a way of making me feel like life is good and all is well. I know, kind of simple, but then I’ve never been a high-maintenance chick!

Now as a grown-up mom, I love to watch the girls playing in the sprinkler (they actually did get to go swimming this afternoon . . . I’m not nearly as afraid of the water as my Mama was, and I know how to swim so that helps, but I still am quite the hovering mother hen when they are in the water), but now one of the things that I really love is watching it bring our dry, thirsty lawn back to life. It has been really dry here for the past month; the farmers are even talking about the hot, dry weather stressing out the soy beans  ;o) so our grass has been kind of droopy and starting to turn brown. When I put the sprinkler out there, in just a little while things start to perk up!

And then there is the rainbow – I couldn’t quite capture the rainbow in the pictures, so I had great fun editing the pictures and doing various strange effects that Gracie discovered and showed to me  ;o)  But the rainbow was there when the sun was shining just right through all those lovely droplets of water. Made me think of Beth’s article in this month’s issue of Ruby for Women where she told us about Prayer Droplets . . . . if you don’t have time for a whole bucketful of prayers, send up Prayer Droplets. A minute here, a minute or two there, God hears them all. That’s what the sprinkler reminded me of today, so it is definitely one of my favorite things.


I hope you will join us for this week’s Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop at Katherine’s Corner. All you have to do is visit Katherine’s Corner and leave a link to your blog post about one of your favorite things, and then you can visit the other participants in this week’s Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Katherines Corner

    Have told you lately how awesome I think you are? I loved this post about your sprinkler. Wishing you many more rainbows. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo

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