Apr 18

Thursday Favorite Things: Rest

Housework rulesIt has been a long and exhausting week. Seems I can’t stop myself from agreeing to WAY too many activities both for myself and my little family, and now we have all crashed in heaps of weariness. Between Annie’s piano lessons, my piano lessons, teaching a class on Monday nights, Gracie’s track practice and meets, church youth group activities, and a field trip to Chicago today for the whole 7th grade, I’m just done!

Well, in addition to all of those extra things, there is the regular JOB and SCHOOL every day, and then this week was the big IRS day. Unfortunately, because of a couple of other issues that we needed to sort out (like WHY we overpaid the IRS almost $800 way back in 2010 . . . . ) I had to wait until the very last minute to finalize the income tax project, so Tuesday was a bit nerve wracking.

Vintage GardeningBut it’s over now and it looks like we finally have it all figured out and we should be getting a refund that will help us with a couple of home improvement projects that we are working on. Oh, yes, that was the other thing that we had going on this week. One of the showers had a small leak by the drain so we had to replace the whole silly thing. Which, of course, meant tearing out the old one and trying to haul in the new one, which also then put us in a bit of a financial squeeze for the week.

I’m just tired. The house is a wreck (partly because the shower project is not finished yet and partly because I have been working on some other projects with no where to work except on the dining room table), the laundry is piled up, the dishes are washed but still in the dish drainer on the counter, the floors need to be swept and vacuumed, and NOW it’s time to get outside and start cleaning up all the sticks, twigs, and trash that the wind blew around all winter.

Vintage LaundryThe car needs to be cleaned out, vacuumed, and washed. The garage is really in need of being organized and in my spare time, I really should get things ready for the annual neighborhood garage sale. Hmmmm – I guess I’ll go play the piano, or watch a movie, or better yet – take a nap! Did I mention I’m tired?

Tomorrow is another day (or so says Scarlett O’Hara) so I’m going to rest this evening and see if I can’t get my engines roaring in the morning and get some of this stuff accomplished. After all, I don’t have to go to my JOB tomorrow so I just might be allowed to stay home long enough to get something finished. We’ll see how it goes!




  1. Heather {Woods of Bell Trees}

    I feel ya sister! REST. SLEEP. Good luck getting your engines roaring! 😀

    1. Nina

      Good morning Heather! You are such an encouragement ;o) What I’m really grateful for TODAY is that I get to stay home and accomplish something – most days I have to fly out the door before I finish a project and that makes me kind of cranky! I’m having great fun this morning visiting some of my bloggy friends, so that will definitely put me in a good mood ;o) Thanks for stopping by! Nina

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