Dec 15

Thursday Favorite Things: Tiny Teapots

Coffee never used to be my favorite. Unless it is embellished with lots of cream and sugar, the taste has always been just too overpowering. I learned to like coffee (especially now with all the wonderful flavored creamers that are available!), but tea has always been my preferred hot drink. The only way I had ever seen tea made, however, was with a teabag in a cup of hot, steaming water. Dunk the teabag up and down for a while, and there you have a nice cuppa tea!

Then one day I had the privilege of traveling to Northern Ireland with a cousin-by-marriage, who was originally from near Belfast and her family still lived there on a farm in the Irish countryside. That is where I really learned about drinking tea! I fell in love with the traditions surrounding tea-time, including all of the beautiful teapots that were available in every little shop on the main street of that quaint little village of Ballymena.

Not only did I discover a whole new world of tea-drinking, including the lovely teapots, cups and saucers, and accompanying tea breads, but one of the things that I found fascinating was the tea cozies. Every kitchen has at least one tea cozy, and so of course, I had to bring a few home with me – along with a tea set with tiny purple violets on a simple white background. I’ve used that tea set for many years, as well as the teapot and tea cozy, but it didn’t stop there!

Ever since that trip to Northern Ireland, I’ve had an eye for teapots. Wherever I go, if there is a pretty little teapot (and I can afford to buy it!), one more tiny teapot will be added to my collection. There are a few that are my favorites, which have been gathered from various thrift shops and garage sales over the years. I am especially fascinated by the teapots that tell a story . . . . little houses, shops, and cottages, as well as the ones that reflect the cozy, comfortable joys of home.


I love the way these little shops and cottage could almost be right down the street in the village where I now live! And isn’t it fun to peek into the doors and windows? You could walk right inside this tiny farm shop, right through that open door!

And then the other ones that are great fun are the teapots that are designed to reflect furniture, almost like the kind you see in doll houses. These three teapots were together on a dusty shelf in the back of a thrift shop. As soon as I noticed them, I just had to have them! Fortunately, they were priced within my budget  ;o)  so they were immediately added to my collection.

A white kitty is curled up on the seat of this comfy over-stuffed chair, with a purple pillow and green throw over the arm. There is a little lamp on the handle of the teapot, and the back of the chair lifts off to open the teapot.

The other chair is a rosy pink with a golden-colored kitty laying on a green pillow and white throw. There is a lamp on the handle of this one, too, and they both have a little floral design on the back of the chair.

And then there is the tea table! It sits perfectly between the two chairs, complete with a green, gold and white tablecloth and a green plaid napkin beneath the tea setting. A tray holds a plate of cookies, a cup, and a lovely bouquet of blue and white flowers (the tray also serves as the opening of the teapot for pouring in the hot water). And on the corner of this little table is a tiny gold teapot.

In addition to the teapots, I have also found cookie jars that reflect the same kind of themes, and have collected a few of them, as well, but that will be for another day! For now, here are a few of my favorite things: my tiny teapots.

All of my teapots are arranged on the top of my kitchen cupboards, along with various other treasures that I have collected over the years. Our little house is cozy and comfy, thought not very big and fancy, but it is home to us, partly because we have some of our favorite things all around us. I would love to stop by and see some of YOUR favorite things this week, so I hope you’ll join us for the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop at Katherine’s Corner!

If you would like to participate in the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop at Katherine’s Corner, just share your favorite things in a blog post and link up here or on Katherine’s blog. Then, see how much fun it is to meet up with other bloggers and see some of their favorite things, too! Have a great Thursday, Nina


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  1. Lucy

    I really enjoyed viewing and reading about your teapots! I agree with you, it is the story with the treasure that makes it special!!

    1. Nina

      Hi Lucy – I appreciate your comments and your little visit to my blog. I hope you will stop by again soon! I’m glad you enjoyed my teapot article ;o) best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year. Nina

  2. GraceinAZ

    I am blog hopping by from Katherine’s Corner. Growing Old With Grace http://growing-old-with-grace.blogspot.com/. Hugs, GraceinAZ

    1. Nina

      Hi Grace ;o) So glad you stopped by. I hope you will join us for the Holly Jolly Blog Hop. Did you see that you are the Ruby for Women Blogger of the Week? Congratulations! Best wishes for a joyous Christmas celebration and prosperous new year. Nina

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