Jan 16

Thursday Favorite Things: Vintage

How often we speak about the “Good Ol’ Days” as if there was something magical about some other time, any other time, before NOW.  Even teenagers like to “reminisce” about what it might have been like to be a child of the 80s or 90s – presumably before the days of terrorists and technology – when life was less frightening. It is true, we live in a world where sound bites of life scream by us and disappear around the corner before we even have a chance to realize what we are experiencing.

Global events from countries with names we can barely pronounce are delivered into our homes in vivid technicolor, inflicting more anxiety on our hearts and minds, while our children stare intently at scenes of murder and mayhem as they manipulate those little X boxes (or whatever they are called!) Who wouldn’t occasionally long for the “Good Ol’ Days” when the telephone would ring and we actually knew where it was . . . . because it was attached to a cord which was attached to the wall. Those were the days when telephones rang. Period. That was all they did, and most of the time if you picked up the receiver you could actually talk to someone. With your voice.

Those were the days when you had to get up out of your chair to change the channel on the television set . . . . with a selection of three stations, IF you got the rabbit ears adjusted just so. We played with our toys, none of which carried on conversations by themselves or walked and talked and shot other toys without our imagination moving those tiny arms and legs. Oh, some of the dolls were just beginning to talk, and some of the baby dolls even could drink a make-believe bottle and blink their eyes.

But really – the “Good Ol’ Days”? When supper had to be started at 3:00 in the afternoon so it would all be hot at the same time when Daddy came home from work because there were no microwave ovens. When dishes actually were washed in a sink full of hot soapy water, and Mama sewed all the dresses for the girls; and when babies wore cloth diapers that were just cloth diapers and not amazing designer decor for little bottoms.

For whatever reason, there is something nostalgic about the “Good Ol’ Days,” and vintage anything and everything seems to be a status symbol these days (whatever we are calling them) – but the truth is, the “Good Ol’ Days” were just as good or bad or annoying or frustrating or joyful or blessed as every other period in history. Time has a way of smoothing out the wrinkles (except on your face) and we focus only on the good times, the happy times, and let the rest go by the wayside. I love vintage everything . . . . especially some of the vintage people in my life!

There is definitely something very endearing about the “Good Ol’ Days” no matter how you think about it. But they weren’t perfect any more than today is perfect, but it will all look much prettier from a distance.




  1. Erinn S

    Times have changed. I am lucky if my husband is home by 6 and by then the kids are starving so 3pm hot dinners are impossible. The Elementary bus doesn’t even drop kids off until 3:45!

  2. Silvie Armas

    What a great post! I absolutely love anything Vintage!!! It’s not just teenagers that reminise about living in the 80’s. I do it all the time, I love remembering those days of less scary things. I wish my boys could grow up in a world like that.

  3. Yona

    I love the look of vintage items when doing a craft project – from old postcards to stamps – I just love the look!

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