Mar 15

Thursday Favorite Things: Washing Windows

There is just something wonderful about opening all of the windows on a sunny spring day and getting out in the fresh air to wash the windows. I have always loved washing windows because there is such a sense of accomplishment when the task is finished. And to see those sparkling clean windows shining in the sunlight makes me feel like I could tackle all of the projects on my To Do list! This week the weather has been amazingly gorgeous, especially for mid-March. Yesterday we had sunshine all day and a temperature of around 75 degrees . . . . I’m not one who loves the super-hot weather of July and August, so this has been just perfect.

Now that we’ve mostly shaken off the late winter flu, colds, ear infections, and sinus problems, it is time to get started on some Spring Cleaning. So I’ve been alternating between painting our kitchen and cleaning up the yard and garden areas in our yard. It is kind of fun to do larger tasks like that – work on one project for a while, take a break (and work on my blog!), and then work on the other one for a while. That way I don’t get tired of doing one HUGE task, and it just doesn’t feel nearly as overwhelming.

Besides that, I am not one to get bored (there is just way too many fun things to do, even if you don’t have much money!), but my mind does tend to wander off to other, more creative tasks if I have to invest too much time on one project that requires minimal brain power – like raking up the broken branches and twigs that came down in the last storm we had, or washing windows. Sometimes I avoid tackling major time-consuming projects because I feel that I just can’t stop everything else I”m responsible for to do just one thing for a whole day. So, this way, each large task might take several days instead of whipping it out in one day and then having to play “catch up” on everything else for the next few days.

I know this approach to tackling home improvement or housecleaning tasks wouldn’t work for everyone (especially those who like the satisfaction of seeing a job finished, NOW!), but it keeps me going and eventually I make good progress . . . . on several different things at a time. Yesterday I went outside and swept off the deck and then washed the windows on that side of the house. Then, I painted one corner of the kitchen. This morning I’m painting another corner of the kitchen, and then I”m going to go out the other door and wash the windows on that side of the house. Sound boring?

Oh, well, I”m a pretty “Low Maintenance” mama and I am easily entertained, so it works for me, and it doesn’t cost much except for buying a bottle of Windex (or sometimes just vinegar and water!), and a can of paint. Pretty frugal around here, but it is definitely one of my MOST favorite things in life . . . . washing windows in the spring sunshine!

If you would like to participate in this week’s “Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop,”  simply stop by Katherine’s blog, Katherine’s Corner, and leave a link to your blog with your article on YOUR favorite things. Then, stop by and visit some of the other participants, and we’ll come on over and visit you, too! Hope to see you there, Nina



  1. Katherines Corner

    Not my favorite chore. But I love the sunlight shining through a clean window. Hugs and happy weekend wishes!

  2. Ricki Jill Treleaven

    I love the end result after washing windows. And we have tons of them! I was thinking about washing them today.

    Ricki Jill

  3. Cecilia Marie Pulliam

    I am lucky, my husband loves to spring clean, especially the windows. And now that he is retired and I am still working, he handles all of our major cleaning chores. I get the benefit without the work. Can a say I am very happy to be married to a man who takes this much pride in our home, and other things, such as our relationship? I am!

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