Nov 03

Thursdsay Favorite Things: Little Girls and Ice Cream

When your baby girl has her own baby girl . . . . and then you are blessed with two more baby girls . . . . ice cream will always be part of the equation! Our daughter Erin is the mama to three baby girls, Kyra, Liesl, and brand-new baby Klara. So when we all get together there is Grammie  / Mama (me), Erin (Little Mama), Gracie (Big Little Sister), Annie (Little Little Sister), and the three Baby Girls. “Little Girls, Little Girls, My heart is filled with Little Girls”! Besides all that, when we went to Grandma’s house last week for Annie’s birthday, there was also Great Grandma / “Regular Grandma” so there are mamas, grandmas, and little girls all over the place!

Grandma baked Annie’s birthday cake with a big number “9” on top, and served it up with chocolate swirl ice cream. Liesl didn’t much care about the cake (it was really the balloons that she knew were just for her!) but she LOVED the ice cream. We will all be getting together again in a couple of weeks for Liesl’s 2nd birthday which happens to be on Thanksgiving Day this year. What a precious reminder of just how much we have to be thankful for!

Annie was delighted with her birthday party! She loved the cake and ice cream, and the balloons, but her greatest joy was being with the family. Even at only 9 years old, Annie has an amazing sense of family and loves to be part of family get-togethers, no matter what we are celebrating  ;o) Her birthday presents included a new robe from Grandma and Grandpa, a new outfit with matching outfit for her “Kit” American Girl Doll, and her very first MP3 player which Daddy loaded up with all kinds of fun songs from Disney and Pure NRG. She put everything all together in the large gift bag, tidied everything up, and put the bag in a corner. She is very particular about her possessions!

Gracie, on the other hand, is our “Tigger” to Annie’s “Pooh”  . . . . bouncy, trouncy, bouncy, bounce! So for her, ice cream is more about posing for pictures and playing practical jokes on her Big Brother-in-Law David who also has a few “Tigger” characteristics, too  ;o) Between the balloons, cake, ice cream, and lots of silly goofing around, it was a wonderful time with our family! Baby girls of all ages are a treasure, and I’m grateful that God has blessed us with so many of them!

If you would like to join us for the “Thursday Favorite Things” blog hop, please visit Katie at Katherine’s Corner where you can leave  a link to your favorite things post and catch up with the other participants in the “Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.” Have a great Thursday!  Nina


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  1. Robin K

    I am your newest follower via GFC from Katherines Corner blog hop, stopping by from Couponing From Florida to Michigan. I would love a follow back.


  2. Judy Haughton-James

    Lovely pictures! I love ice-cream with my favourite flavour being grapenut. At times we also make home-made ice-cream with my favourite being chocolate ice-cream. Take care and enjoy the rest of your Thursday.

  3. Katherines Corner

    Wonderful post my friend, I’m taking a little break from work and popped over to see what your favorite thing post would be today. Feel free to add the linky code to your post. Lovely photos of your beautiful family. love from , K

  4. Krafty Max

    My daughter likes the ice cream better too1 Happy birthday to her!!

    Hop’n by from ‘Thursday Favorite Things’. I’m following your blog now, wont you please come and follow me back?? ~KM

    *Krafty Max Originals*

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