Feb 12

Thursdsay Favorite Things: Vintage Collage

DSCF1605Doing all of the doodling, scrapping, painting, stitching, and designing pages for my art journal for The Documented Life Project has given me lots of opportunities to try some new artistic techniques. Still have lots more that I’m looking forward to learning, but I always return to creating designs using a collage technique, and usually including lots of vintage images, buttons, ribbons, fibers, and anything else I can fit onto a page.

DSCF1606One thing that I’ve done before in my girls’ scrapbooks is to include a fold-out page (occasionally, because if you do it TOO often your book will be so fat you won’t be able to close it!) so that I can create a double two-page layout. This is especially effective if you have a lot of pictures from the same event that you want to include and keep them all together.

For the art journal, this is called a “tip-in” although mine always seem to “tip-out.” But the point is to include something inside the book that opens separately or in addition to each page, so sometimes there are “tip-ins” that open open up like a flap that is hinged at the top, or a multi-opening “tip-in” with flaps going every which way!

DSCF1607By combining the vintage collage technique with the “tip-in,” I was able to create two regular pages which opened up to two more pages each, so I actually got to design SIX pages for this project!

It was quite easy to prepare these pages for the “tip-in” – I just took two sheets of card stock and folded them in half (so that they were the same size as the pages in my art journal), and glued one on each of the “regular” pages so that they would open up from the center of the journal. That way I could embellish the top page on each side, then open each side up and embellish the inside of each page.

On the outside pages I used a print of vintage writing that I ripped diagonally for the upper left corner, combined with vintage wallpaper print scrapbook paper on the lower right corner, and then layered a few vintage labels, ribbon, rose cutouts, and a feather stamp on one side.

DSCF1608On the other side I repeated the torn page of vintage writing on the bottom right corner with the vintage wallpaper scrapbook paper on the top left. Then I added another rose cutout, a vintage label, a tiny pocket with a “keepsake” card inserted, and a little note card on which I wrote: “Remember – today is enough!” That is to remind myself that even if I don’t get EVERYTHING accomplished on my never ending To Do list, that it is enough just to have today to live, laugh, and love everyone in my little world.

DSCF1612Then on the inside, I added pockets to the left side which were embellished with ribbons and some triangle banner cut outs. I tucked a little booklet that I made into one of the pockets, and a weekly calendar made from vintage print scrapbook paper. With a black gel pen I added some outlines around the edge of the pockets and around the banner cutouts and that was a super simple but fun and beautiful layout!

The other side was really fun, too, with  another banner with triangles that spell out the work “BEAUTY,” an envelope that I made from vintage rose print scrapbook paper that is tall and narrow along with another smaller, square envelope that I made from another vintage rose print paper and embellished with lace and trimmed with black ribbon – and then I actually wrote something on these journal pages! I’ve decided it is time to begin writing in this art journal and not just decorating it . . . . . but decorating it is so much fun!


Then I made some little tags to fit into the square envelope and a few note cards that fit into the long envelope, added some black ribbon bows to the edge of the outside pages to use in opening the “tip-in” and finally I was ready to pronounce it “finished!” Now it is on to the next challenge which is all about shapes . . . . . and since I can’t decide for sure which “shape” I want to use, it might take a day or two for me to get this one ready. But since I have always like polka dots, maybe circles and dots are calling my name. We’ll see what I come up with next!



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  1. Angel

    Wow, your journal is beautiful. I love papercrafting but I’m not very good at it. You did a wonderful job creating your book. Your choice of colors is lovely.

  2. Sharon @ Faith Hope Cherrytea

    Always inspired with your creativity! TY for sharing w/ us..

  3. Cynthia

    I read your note on my Google page. Thank you, for stopping by! I just opened a linky account, in order to follow you. I’m not sure about the button you placed on your site. Do you mean the link-up button? My technology is a little needy but I’m learning. Smiles! I love your journal. It is beautiful. I also favorited your etsy shop. Many blessings!

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