Jun 27

Today the kitchen sink . . . . tomorrow the world!

It is amazing to me how much I can actually accomplish in an (uninterrupted) hour! Even though we are in the midst of summer activities – recently completed a week of VBS, then a week of camp for the youth group, hair cuts, swimming, volleyball practice, summer festivals, piano lessons, and on and on it goes – I have been able to focus on some of my home organization projects a few hours each week.

It is great fun discovering things that I haven’t been able to find for a year (or more!) because they were accidentally (!) shoved into the back of a closet or dresser drawer, and No One seemed to recall seeing the “thing” we were searching for.

Yesterday, even though we flew out the door around 8:30 a.m. for volleyball practice, then back home for a while, then off again to pick up Big Sissy from volley ball practice, on to a hair cut appointment, drop of said Sissy with friends at the summer festival on Main Street in Our Town, then into the Big City for another appointment from 3:00 – 5:00, then back to pick up same Big Sissy before finally returning to our humble little cottage . . . . . I managed to completely empty one closet and get things sorted and organized.

Fullscreen capture 6272014 102759 AMSometimes it is hard to believe so much JUNK gets shoved into a relatively small space. After removing all of the winter clothing, shoes, and boots, and discovering that all kinds of other, unnecessary stuff had been stuffed back in the corners, we can actually find what we are looking for. And we even found stuff that we had completely forgotten that we own. Which is why there are frequently six swim trunks, five pair of flip-flops, and twenty mismatched sox at any given moment (although we don’t KNOW all those things are there) – so we go out and buy ANOTHER pair of swim trunks for an afternoon at the lake.

This morning, I decided to tackle the dresser drawers. Eight belts? 10 pair of panty hose? (WHO wears panty hose anymore, anyway? Especially in summer!) Three pair of cargo shorts that we had been searching for since last summer, 12 tank tops underneath the four sweaters that landed in the drawer because the closet was too crammed to fit them on a hanger, and three pair of wool sox that we needed during the January blizzard.

GONE! All of it. Out the door. Either in storage for next winter, in the thrift store bag to be dropped off this afternoon, or dare I say it? In the trash can! WHY would there be empty gum wrappers in the underwear drawer? Oh, yes, there is one more pile where some of the excess stuff goes: the “I don’t have a clue” pile. Unfortunately, there are quite a few items that belong in this category, which is why they ended up in the underwear drawer in the first place.

What DO you do with the CD from last Mother’s Day when this mama was asked to share the Tale of Two Mothers during morning church service? Or where should I put  the 12 cute necklaces and bracelets that my sweet daughters have given me for my birthday for the past several years? I actually don’t wear jewelry very often, so they all just sit in their pretty boxes, piled up in . . . . my underwear drawer! Then there are the little flashlights, measuring tapes, and “Best Dad” trinkets that we have collected from Christmases Past. Santa’s Workshop, Reindeer Lane, and Candy Cane Crossing have all contributed to this abundance of STUFF.

It is the STUFF that we just really can’t get rid of that remains my major challenge. I guess that’s what Junk Drawers are for, after all. Because there are things that are important, but they continue to defy categorization – except for the memories. So we carry on in our War on JUNK.

Today the kitchen sink (or the underwear drawer) – tomorrow the world! If we can overcome this challenge in life, we will be ready for the next big, overwhelming task we encounter. I think – I’ll let you know if I ever escape the Land of the Totally Trashed Bedrooms. But that’s next week.

Have a great weekend and remember – you shouldn’t be a Perfectionist, but it is OK to strive for excellence. Even in this broken and fallen world. Goals are a good thing!

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