Jul 09

Wednesday Wisdom: Celebrate Family!

DSCF2586Families come in all shapes and sizes. Our family is a bit different from lots of others because we have older kids (and lots of grand kids!) and we have our two younger daughters still living at home. We are a “blended” family, but not all “blended” families are like the Brady Bunch. Some families have single parents, some families have more than one generation living together in the same home, some families have step-children, some families have adopted children, and some families have no children.

DSCF2594In some communities it can be uncomfortable if yours isn’t the “perfect” family . . . . . but then, whose family really is “perfect”? What I mean is, that where we come from, it kind of makes people uncomfortable if they are around families where, for instance, there has been a divorce. Another situation that can be awkward in some communities is when a single mom or dad is raising children alone. DSCF2589

Or a really sticky situation in some communities is when there are two adults, either one or both of them the parents of the children in the family, but those two adults are not married.


And what about families with step-children, biological children, adopted children, foster children, and / or grand children being raised by grand parents? I’ve been told that is can be very lonely in some communities if you are unmarried and have no children, or if you are married and have no children. There are other, different, families that could be described, and I don’t pretend to understand every situation . . . . . but I have learned to celebrate MY family.


As the girls and I have been working this summer to build our small, home-based family business, one of our projects has been to design and create these beautiful Celebration Banners. Our newest banner does celebrate FAMILY! We’ll be writing up a tutorial for making your own FAMILY Celebration Banner soon, but we just had to share this one with you now.


And just in case you want to celebrate your FAMILY right away, this vintage-inspired Celebration Banner will be listed in our Etsy shop this morning. Come on over and check out our other Celebration Banners from Vintage Mama’s Cottage.


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  1. Gloria Doty

    Families definitely come in all shapes and sizes. Diversity is a gift so we can learn about so many interesting people. Do we agree with all their lifestyles? Probably not, but they are all loved by our Heavenly Father.

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