Mar 17

What’s a blogger to do?

Why BlogIt seems that blogging has been evolving over the past four or five years into more of a competition to see who can encourage the largest number of other bloggers to leave comments on our blogs. It no longer feels like a “conversation,” but more of a weekly marathon; an Olympic event to see who will be the winner.

Kaelah, at The Clueless Girl’s Guide, wrote a blog post entitled, “The Evolution of Blogging” last fall in which she asked a similar question:

“A large part of me wonders where blogging will be in 6, 12, and 24 months. Obviously blogs will always exist, but I’m speaking more in terms of being digital influencers. One or two years ago, blogging was at an all time high. Bloggers were “celebrities” and brands flocked to them at rapid speed. (Recently) many brands severed their blogger programs all together and even more cut back on their outreach greatly. I’m wondering if it’s a sign of the times or if it’s just a coincidence… What do you think?”

I Love Blogging 2Over the past year or two the “blog hop” has become a primary way for bloggers to encounter other bloggers who share similar interests. It is a fun opportunity to get to “know” other writers / artists / designers / bloggers who are encouraging, informational, inspirational, or humorous. But, after all, we can all still go to the library or book store if we just want to read an article that is any or all of those things.

My experience with blogging has been much more substantive than just receiving or leaving comments on someone’s blog. It has been so much more than just reading an interesting or informative blog post. And perhaps because I have never been too concerned about making my presence “known” in the wider world, “digital influence” or “celebrity” status do not appeal to me at all.

No, for me, the act of blogging has been and always will be about connecting with new friends from around the world, or around the corner. People with whom I might never have had the opportunity to know about or connect with in any other century. And for that I am grateful.

Keep Calm and BlogI realize that the young, hip, and sophisticated bloggers who write about fashion or celebrities,the latest style of jeans or jackets, or the “mommy bloggers” who blog so eloquently about cloth diapers, homemade laundry detergent, and teaching baby to read by the age of 18 months have a different audience out here in the blogosphere than this Vintage Mama. And that’s OK with me!

ILoveCommentsPinkFlowerBlogButtonSo, what’s a blogger to do if running a weekly marathon, frantically posting and commenting on a gazillion blogs is just not a part of one’s lifestyle? From my perspective, having fun meeting new friends, learning new ideas or skills, and sharing my own creativity is what blogging is all about. I may never be a “celebrity” blogger, but then I’ll never be a “celebrity” anything, so that’s just fine with me!

I would love to read your comments   ;o) on this topic. What have you noticed over the past couple of years in the blogosphere? Is there more to this weekly adventure into the wide world of cyberspace than spinning out more followers than the next blogger? Tell me what you think . . . . oh, and don’t forget to “follow” me and be sure to leave a comment!



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  1. Angela

    Blogging has become a race or push for numbers. The problem with that is the numbers are not real followers. Anyone can click a follow button, participate in a hop etc…but I have found they don’t read the content or join in the conversation. You can have 100 people join a hop maybe only one or two will comment on your pages content. For me blogging is about sharing an interest and looking to connect with others who share that same interest. Sure it would be grand to become a blogging sensation or generate income, but for me blogging is about finding that creative outlet. I am guilty of getting excited about new followers, but saddened when they don’t come back or even read what I posted. I would like to see blogging be more about community and less about popularity.

    1. Nina

      Hi Angela – I’m so glad to see you out and about! I’ve missed connecting with you and I look forward to “hanging out” more in the coming days and weeks. I will post the link to your blog on the Ruby FB page tomorrow, but remember, it is OK for you to post your links over there whenever you want ;o) Thanks for submitting the article for the Ruby magazine! Talk soon, Nina

      1. Angela

        I look forward to following your blog and reconnecting. I have missed it greatly! Thank you in advance for sharing my page with your viewership. Love this article by the way. The crazy pace of keeping up with the bloggers has been on my mind, and this made me relax a bit and say…you know what this is about being creative and having fun…so I will do what I can do and the rest is peaches n cream 🙂

  2. Gloria Doty

    I agree with you. I will never have the ‘numbers’ as a lot of other blogs, but I almost always include a bit of devotional thought to my posts, even if they are humorous or sad or whatever. I am pleased to know some people are encouraged by reading them. That’s enough for me; but I have to say, I am baffled by the lack of comments. People are quick to comment on the post on FB but it is like pulling teeth to get comments on the blog itself.

    1. Nina

      Hi Gloria – I’ve read that it is precisely because of FB and Instagram where people can respond to a conversation immediately that blogs are not quite as popular as they were a few years ago. I guess everyone loves that instant gratification that can come from a response or conversation in “real time.” But I still think there is a place for blogging, especially for those of us who are more invested in our writing than in a speed-of=light conversation (or argument as I often observe on those other social media platforms!) I’m still hoping to pop down and see you on Thursday night ;o)

  3. Heather {Woods of Bell Trees}

    I am in both boats. I want to create relationships with my readers and other bloggers because it’s just enjoyable; I actually love having ongoing conversations in the comments. Haha When I leave comments I often sign up to be notified of follow up comments, because I enjoy reading what the blogger has to say in response to my comments and if applicable I like to respond. I am always afraid though that they might find it obnoxious. Keeping a blog takes so much time, but I feel it’s important to reply to every one of my comments because if I didn’t have readers then I would just be sending my posts into the atmosphere to be lost.

    Now the other boat if I become famous through my blog I’d love that, but I don’t want it at the cost of severing quality/genuineness/personability etc etc. Followers are customers and without a customer you’ve got nothing, if they don’t feel valued they won’t come back.

    I think there will always be a place for both types of blogs; there are both bloggers and followers that enjoy the less competitive type of blogs and then some like the “fast paced” type of blog. I consider myself in the middle, if that makes sense.

    With the companies cutting back blogging programs I think they may have invested in blogs a little too heavily too quickly (kind of like a bubble) and with the economy being the way it is they had to cut back somewhere; I believe there will always be plenty of companies out there for bloggers, but with the plethora of blogs out there they may be a little more discerning about who or what blogs they invest in.

    I really enjoy feeling like I know the author of a blog, I get excited when they remember who I am and they take time out of their day for me.

    1. Nina

      Hi Heather – I so appreciate that you not only visit other blogs but you actually take the time to write nice, long, “chatty” replies so it feels like we are really having a conversation ;o) I’m hoping to have time this week to visit my blogging friends more now that my schedule has opened up a bit, so I’ll pop on over and see what you’re talking about this week. So glad to get to “know” you and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me. Looking forward to connecting with you again this week! Nina

  4. Jeff Coleman

    I’ve felt the seductive allure of the numbers (I admit that sometimes, I still do), but I’ve discovered over the past few months how little that actually translates to genuine contact with other people. On the flip side, I have gotten to know some interesting individuals, and that alone has been worth it.

    I’ve always felt that I can express myself most clearly when I write. I’m not very good at conversation, because I’m always stuck in my head and because conversation tends to move fairly quickly. But I can take my time when I sit down to write, and it’s easier for me to share things about myself that wouldn’t ordinarily come up when talking to someone.

  5. Gina Alfani

    “Back in the day” there we pretty much just had the blogs for socializing, then Twitter became more popular, then Facebook, then your blog had to have a presence on Facebook, Google+ and where I spend way too much time, Pinterest. The time we spent socializing was mainly confined to blogs, now it has spread out to different forms.

    I’m retired and have all the time in the world, but I get so involved with all my internet projects and “real” life, I sometimes have no time for visiting blogs. It is almost like there is not enough time to just take care of my blogs . . . and I have time on my hands.

    In the past week or so I decided to go back to doing linky parties since I was missing the interaction we enjoyed back when our blogs were so busy. It has been so nice getting back to visiting with old friends and making new ones. This I will do for me, just because I enjoy it and have missed it so much! It has become evaluating the time you spend and prioritize where you want to spend it and what you want to do online.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post! I’m your newest follower and first time visitor to your linky party . . . thanks for hosting!

    Happy Spring . . . have a fabulous weekend . . . Gina

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