Dec 06

When God is at home in my heart . . .

“ We can thrive —
and even offer life-giving rest to others —
because God is at home in us.”

Bonnie Gray
Faith Barista Blog

The very thought that “God is at home in us” carries such powerful implications for our lives, wherever we might be at this moment. Not only can we then “thrive” and extend our hearts and our hands to others to “offer life-giving rest,” but there is overwhelming power in the hope that it brings. So often we find ourselves in situations where we simply do not know what the next step is; we can’t see through the fog of despair that surrounds us, and it is at that moment that God brings someone along side of us who has already walked that dark journey and is willing to walk with us. That is the true power of “God at home in us.”

In purely rational terms, there is no reason why a person who has been broken and endured much heartache could or would be able to help others . . . . partly because people who have been hurt frequently hurt others. But even if there isn’t that reaction of seeking revenge or “justice,” it is not uncommon for hurting people to turn inward, isolate themselves from those who want to love them, and reject all offers of kindness and grace. That is a very natural reaction to pain!

But it is only when we truly allow God to “be at home in us” that we can begin to look beyond the despair that is right before us and see Him extending His hand out to guide us through those dark times. Then we begin to feel His grace as it carries us above our brokenness.  When our focus shifts from our own pain to His life-changing love, then we can begin to heal from our wounds. As our heart is mended by the great Fixer of Broken Hearts, we suddenly look around and see all the other people who need His healing touch, too. That is when we open our heart and allow Him to come home where He belongs – the center of our life where He can give the strength, courage, and comfort that we all need at times.

And in that moment, when we lift our eyes from the miserly possessions of our heart that we have been trying to protect from every misfortune, that we truly see His grace and His glory, and we realize that He is, indeed, “at home in our hearts.”  That is also the moment when we realize we will survive! Not only will we survive, but we can thrive (though we will surely walk with a limp and live with the scars for the rest of our lives).  Then one day we discover that not only are we thriving, but we have been given the opportunity to reach out and touch other lives with the rest and peace that only comes from our Heavenly Father. It is a miraculous circle!

All we need to do is look up and accept His presence and His healing power, and He will begin the process of mending your broken heart so we can rise up and be a blessing to others. Where are you in that “miraculous circle” of love and life? If you are just beginning that journey, never forget that there are those who have gone before you and they are waiting for you to open your heart to the Great Fixer of Broken Hearts. When you do, they will come along side and walk with you through the darkness into the glorious blessing of His presence and healing.

Please join us this week for “In Other Words.” You can visit Debbie at Heart Choices to find the links to the posts by the other participants, and if you would like to post on your blog about this quote, please leave your link there, too, so that we can find you and stop by for a visit! Have a great Tuesday, and remember to look up! Nina


  1. Karen Gillett

    It is a very powerful statement isn’t it to think God is willing to make His home in our heart if we let Him. Thanks for sharing today.

  2. Debbie

    Oh Nina, there is so much wisdom in your words. I’ve known many hurting people who do hurt others out of that hurt. They don’t allow you to get close and push you away. And often they are the very people who need love the most.

    Only our God can truly heal a broken and bruised heart. He is the Almighty Healer. And He is so trustworthy and able to do beyond what any human can do. I know that there were times when I didn’t know what would happen next and fear would set in. But then the Holy Spirit would remind me of Scriptures that I had memorized. He would also bring someone alongside me at just the time when I needed a friend. And I can say that I now understand what it is to have plenty and what it is to have nothing materially. I pray that the Lord might use me to encourage someone else going through similar difficulties.

    Thank you so much for introducing me to the Ruby for Women group. I need to spend more time on the site. I’ve read some but know you have much to share.

    Blessings and love,

  3. Heart Touching

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