Aug 05

When I grow up, I want to be . . . .

Twirly BibsSome people seem to know from a very early age what they want to “be” or “do” when they “grow up.” I’ve heard stories of people who just “knew” when they were seven years old that they would be a school teacher, or an astronaut, or a movie star, or president of the United States. Most of us don’t have that level of knowledge from such an early age.

I’m one of those plain, boring, “vanilla” types who have changed their stories several times through life. For many (many!) years my career and identity has been that of someone’s MOM. That is what I wanted to do, and I am fortunate that I have been blessed with the opportunity to do that as my primary focus for all of my adult life. But there comes a time when reality sneaks in and we realize that it might be time to look at some new opportunities. Never leaving behind that “most important job in the whole, wide world,” most of us eventually have the time to begin to focus on a few additional avenues of expression.

NEW RUBY LOGO with BORDER and TEXT for Vista PrintIn my case, since I’ve been doing the MOM thing for a really (really!) long time, I’ve had the privilege of working from home on a few creative projects that God has put in my heart and mind. One of those projects has been the RUBY magazine, which has been a major part of our family’s life for the past seven years. That project continues to grow and it has become a great opportunity to offer encouragement, inspiration, and hope to women across American as well as many other countries.

As a result of my work as the editor of the RUBY magazine, as well as other free-lance editing opportunities, I have found that we are branching out to do a bit of publishing, as well. Perhaps it is time to start our own independent publishing company. We’ll see how that goes . . .

Create Space AUGUST 2016 FRONT COVER 600 DPIBut the other area of interest and inspiration that God has put in my heart is to “make stuff.” And write about making stuff. Several years ago I was selling my children’s boutique clothing designs in my Etsy shop, but both of my girls were still pretty little so it became more than I could keep up with at the time. So, I was asked to write up my designs in eBook patterns and offer them for sale to other moms who wanted to make cute clothes for their own children. That was great fun!

But then, as the girls got a little bit older, I discovered that I needed to have a “real” JOB so I was no longer able to focus on any of my creative projects. The sewing and writing went by the wayside for a few years. I learned a lot from having a “real” JOB . . . I hate being away from home! So that’s when I decided that I had to find a way to work from home so I could be here for my girls, have time to “make stuff,” and learn how to market and promote my home-based business to help provide some financial income for our little family.

Scrappy Pants collection collageAnd that’s where I am today. With my big- little chick in high school and the little-little chick in middle school, it is time to get busy with all the “stuff” that has been kind of floating around, in and out of my life, waiting for me to have the TIME to focus. Well, no I can’t focus totally and exclusively on “making stuff” or on “writing stuff,” but life seems to be offering a window of opportunity to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!

In addition to editing and publishing the RUBY magazine each month, I am updating and expanding both of my Etsy shops, as well as revising several of the eBook patterns that I wrote a few years ago. New designs and new eBook patterns are in the works, and now that I’m learning how to publish print publications, it won’t be long before my patterns will be incorporated into books with inspiration and direction for other moms to get creative, too.

MLT Pink Zebra 1For today, I’m off to pick up Big Little Chick from volleyball practice, and then we are all going to be working out in the studio this afternoon . . . . who knows what we’ll come up with next, but I do know if will be fun, creative, and something that you will LOVE! I’ll tell you all about it next week – I think I finally know what I want to be when I grow up!

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