Oct 12

Wordless Wednesday: The Good Ol’ Days

Do you remember when gas was 29 cents a gallon? Or when the gas station attendant actually pumped the gas for you and washed your windows? When “fill ‘er up!” meant $5.00? Or when “$2.00 worth” would keep you rolling for several days to the grocery store and back home again?

This vintage gas pump is still standing at an abandoned gas station in a tiny rural village in the middle of our Indiana cornfields not far from our house.



  1. Angela

    What a great pic! I long for those days! Thanks for stopping by and linking up for the Wild Wednesday Hop!

  2. MissMOE

    What a wonderful treasure to have on your property and a great picture! I’m a new follower–would love a follow back.

  3. Carol

    I remember! I can still see the old pump my dad would pull up to. It had the round top with a star. I think it was Texaco. Gas was 10 cents a gallon then.

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